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From: "cheryl BALOG wenberg" <>
Subject: [INLAKE] Marriage Licenses 4-19-1939 Hammond, Indiana
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2006 14:27:52 -0500

The Hammond Times Indiana April 19, 1939

New Marriage Licenses

Stephen FECZKO and Rosemary K. HECEMOVICH of Gary

Edwin BLAKLAND Jr. of Hammond and Esther M. MURRAY Palmer

Nick M. JURICICH and Mary VINOVICH of Gary

Henry ENGEGENBERRY of Lansing and Pearl MUNSTER of Munster

Elaska MALLARD and Ruby MILHAUSE of Gary

Anthony BARTAUSKI and Ann MAYER of East Chicago

Milton P. KLEINHOLZ and Fern Nellie CHAPUIAN of East Chicago

Nick FILIP and Mani DLIOVISC of East Chicago

Frank NAGY and Ann AVELIS of East Chicago

Joseph C. BRUNO and Josephine M. GARCIA of Gary

John RAK and Helen BOROVY of East Chicago

James COLEMAN and Susie EDDINGTON of Gary

Walter SALCHOW of Northeast, Pa. and Olive LEE of Hobart

George L. PHILLIPS of Detroit and Bernice LEVY of Hammond

Walter LEE of Chicago and Lula Trent FORD of Gary

Ross DYER and Verna FRY of Gary

George PRENIE of Chicago and Irene TAYLOR of Gary

Robert FRFER? and Callie M. J. JACKSON of Gary

William HODGE of Chicago and Essie SHELLMAN of Gary

John M. MATT of Chicago and Helen M. HETHORN of Whiting

Bud WHITE and Grace SHEFFIELD of Gary

William E. FLEISCHMAN of Gary and Hazel P. HOLLADAY of Hammond

Stanley CARTER and Edith TURNER of Hammond

Joseph JENESKE and Julia BOBOHK? of East Chicago

Felix MC SHANE of Chicago and Lulu WAGNER of Gary

Louis BASSETT of Detroit and Evelyn M. SAUNDERS of Gary

Millard SIMPSON of Chicago and Dorrethy Helen UTTLEY of Gary

Harry E. HALLECK of Chicago and Virginia BURR of Munster

James DANERN of Chicago and Mary Louise DURBIN of Gary

Orville J. FORSYTH and Carolina ROSANIA of Gary

John W. BURRELL of Chicago and Alice Marie FORVINEN of East Chicago

Douglas R. LUGER and Joan FLOR of Gary

Charles PEMBERTON of Whiting and Eleanor WILSON of Whiting

William J. VLACK Jr. of Cicero, Ill. and Alycer Emelia Roscoe, Miller

Era GAVIN of Joliet Ill. and Beatrice BENSON of Gary

Joseph SILVERTHARN and Mary BOOZIER of Hammond

Harold C. ANDERSON of Milwaukee and Edna HANSEN of Cedar Lake

Henry H. SLOAN of Chicago and Betty MC GUIRE of Hammond

James CAMPBELL and Mary CARROLL of Gary

Gilbert FINWALL and Arleen REIS of Gary

Albert J. POLLACK and Viola POSKIN of East Chicago

John KOVAL Jr. of East Chicago and Mary JUBASZ of Hammond

Chester A. MATIRKO? of Chicago and Velma R. CLARK of East Chicago

Robert LELAND and Mary SALL of Hammond

Frank ADAMS and Shirley CORBIN of East Chicago

Louren COLLINS and Kathryn WILLARD of Hammond

Willie JACKSON of Chicago and Idonia H. BROWN of Gary

Ray S. LAWNICKI and Jean S. WIERGACZ of East Chicago

Willie BERRY and Mildred YOUNG of Gary

Thaddeus KOCZKA and Mary WAJTOVICZ of East Chicago

Andrew J. BEDDIE and Lovie MCKNIGHT of Gary

Joseph VALENT and Ethel D. YUSKO of East Chicago

Sam HARRIS and Irene NICHOLS of Gary

John HUFFMAN of Chicago and Edna HOPPE of St. John

Noland BRANSCOMB and Julia BROWN of Gary

Bruno PENK of South Chicago and Helen DOBROWLSKI of Hammond

Joe DELLAS and Julia KLAVAS of East Chicago

Dan TOMA and Floria POPA of Gary

John F. MCELMUL of Chicago and Lucille FEATHERSTON of Whiting

Robert PERRATTA and Jean WEBSTER of Gary

Ray J. SPANSAIL of Chicago and Marie HANSEN of Hammond

Glen ENBURG of Chicago and Josephine BEITEL ? of Gary

Richard A. BARDEN and Bernice RYPER of Whiting

Donald A. FITCH and Mable M. HENRY of Crown Point

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