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Subject: LOCAL NEWS - JUNE 8, 1900
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2004 14:51:01 -0500

FRIDAY, JUNE 8, 1900

Renson MARTIN, of Elizabethtown, was the guest of the family of Oliver
KNOTT, in West Bedford, over Sunday.

Mrs. A. T. HERT and Mrs. S. L. ALEY arrived here from Jeffersonville last
Monday, to visit Mrs. Joe DURHAM.

W. H. BRIM, of Heltonville, returned Tuesday morning, from Mitchell,
where he had been to see his son, who is attending college.

Mrs. M. W. RUSH has returned from Chicago, where she had been spending a
month with the family of her brother, H. A. LUCE.

Frank MURPHY, job press feeder on the Oolitic News, forgot to take his
hand out of the press Monday, and it was considerably bruised.

Miss Adah McPHEETERS, daughter of Dr. J. H. McPHEETERS, of this city,
will graduate as a Trained Nurse, at the Rockford, Ill., Hospital this

Archdeacon COOK, who had been here over Sunday in the interest of the
Episcopalian church, returned to his home at Washington Monday forenoon.

J. RAMSEY, the Heltonville druggist, will build a new store room in this
city on 5th street, between KNIGHT's store and the Monon track, so it is

Evangelist S. D. BAKER returned Monday from College Hill, Washington
county, where he held meeting Sunday with the Church of Christ in that

Dr. Fletcher GARDNER, who has been here for several days, visiting
relatives, went to Bloomington Monday forenoon. For a year or two past
he has been living at Lincoln, Neb.

Mabel, eight year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Millard WRAY, who has
heretofore been seriously ill of measles, now has diphtheria. The family
lives four miles north of town.

John POPE, who had been the guest of his sister, Mrs. James M. MYERS, in
this city, returned to his home at Elnora Tuesday noon. Mr. POPE has
perfected a fence machine that he will patent at once, and it promises to
revolutionize the making of barb wire fence.

Marriage licenses have been issued to Samuel DENNY and Clara E.

Col. J. Curtis JOCELYN, Foreman of the Daily Democrat, went to Louisville
Saturday, to attend the reunion of his old regiment, at the Confederate

The HENDERSON house on the corner of I and 5th streets, occupied by John
ASH and family, is being repainted.

N. C. and Don PLUMMER, of Weddleville, brought 160 gallons of fine
strawberries to town Friday, and sold them.

Mrs. E. M. ROGERS left Friday afternoon for Greensburg and Seymour, where
she will visit her sons for a few days.

Marriage licenses have been issued to Eugene BRYANT and Gertrude

Aylette and Ora FULLEN, who had been visiting their aunt, Mrs.
STEPHENSON, left Saturday for their home at Portland, Kan.

Lorey STORMS, of Burns City, was in Bedford a short time Saturday, on his
way to Silverville, to visit relatives over Sunday.

Miss Hettie RAMSEY, sister of Mrs. Dr. F. S. HUNTER, who had been
visiting the latter, left Friday, for her home in Atlantic City, Iowa.

Mrs. William NOE has recovered from a prolonged illness, and was able to
go to Columbus, Saturday, to visit relatives over Sunday.

E. B. FIELDS, the janitor of the North Bedford Schools, will drive a wood
wagon for McLEAN & Co. and the Bent Wood Works this summer.

Mrs. Dennis COLEMAN arrived here Friday, from Mitchell, and will be the
guest of Logan McDONALD and family, east of town, for several days.

A family reunion was held at the home of Joseph BARBERY, on North H
street this afternoon. There were about 30 guests present and Newt ENNIS
took a photo of the crowd.

The Consolidated Stone Co. have 25 channelers at Dark Hollow; 6 at Clear
Creek and ten at Bloomington, most of them working overtime. They ship
on an averaged about 25 carloads of scabbled block per day.

Dr. A. J. McDONALD, wife and daughter left Saturday over the B. & O. S.
W., for Atlantic City, N. J., to attend the meeting of the National
Medical Association. They will visit Washington, Philadelphia and New
York City before returning home.

The following named pupils of the City High School have passed creditable
examination, and will be graduated: Misses Theresa BREWER, Linnie
BOWDEN, Bertha LOWDER, Nettie LEMON, Ida GRAFTON, Lillian MELTER; Messrs.

The contest over the applications for liquor license, of Shubel BURTON,
Marshall BEASLEY, James RAGLAND and Will KEANE, of Mitchell, occupied the
attention of the Board Monday afternoon. Remonstrances were filed
bearing the names of about three-fourths of the voters; but these names
were all signed by one person, who had been given written power of
attorney last spring to sign their names, other parties at that time
being applicants. The applicants brought over papers bearing a number of
requests for withdrawals of signatures from the remonstrances, but there
were not enough to invalidate the remonstrances. The right to sign by
power of attorney in such matters was recently sustained by the Supreme
Court, and the point at issue before the Board is whether the power of
attorney given when other persons were applicants, applies to the present
applicants. The attorney employed by the liquor men, W. H. TALBOTT, of
Orleans, made an able argument in their behalf; against which the
temperance people brought the combined efforts of CROOKE & CROOKE,
McHenry OWEN, and Attorney DOANE, of Indianapolis. The Board considered
the matter until Thursday, when a meeting was held to render a decision.

Evan GRAVES of Oolitic was in the city Thursday.

Miss Lula REDMON spent Wednesday in Mitchell visiting friends.

Robert RAY, the clever clerk in HOLMES' store at Oolitic, was in the city

Frank SNYDER and Perry STOLZ, of St. Louis, are here as the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. S. A. SNYDER.

Hon. John H. O'NEALL, the old time Democratic politician of Washington,
was in the city a short time Wednesday evening, on his way to his home
from the State Democratic Convention.

Miss Lizzie HOOPENGARNER received notice Thursday that her brother had
been killed in a railroad accident at Medora, Wednesday evening.

Miss Pearl PEARSON, who had been the guest of friends at Campbellsburg,
was in the city Wednesday evening enroute to her home at Coxton.

There will be a reunion of old soldiers and an all day basket meeting at
Shiloh next Saturday. The soldiers' graves will also be decorated at
Shiloh during the forenoon, and at New Union in afternoon. Good speakers
will be present.

The graduates of the Bedford high school are going to produce
Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night," and it will be just about that long before
the audience will recover. Shakespeare did not make a specialty of
amateur plays. – Mitchell Commercial.

MARRIED – At the residence of Joseph SEWELL, on North J street, at 8 p.m.
Wednesday, by Elder W. B. CHRISLER, Henry De MOSS to Miss Emma BROWN,
both of Bedford. Also by Elder CHRISLER at 9 p.m. same night, at his
residence on South H street, Eli EIGIS to Miss Sallie McKINNEY, both of

Mr. and Mrs. F. X. JOHNSON were surprised Thursday by the present of a
fine oak bedroom suite from some of their friends. Those who contributed
were: Chas. E. HALL, M. C. BLACKWELL, Will PALMER, James O'CONNELL,
Ernest GILES, Chas. W. BURTON, Constant GAUSSIN, and A. W. RICHARDSON.
Mr. and Mrs. JOHNSON will occupy their house on North M street in short

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