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Subject: [INRANDOL] Quakers/Native Americans
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2006 18:48:55 -0500
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That would back up the story I was told about my Adams family then. If
Quakers considered marrying an Indian "outside the church".

The Story was an Adams man married an Indian woman and was disowned by his
family. The Adams family were Quakers. There are two lines I am working on
where there has been some question as to the race of the family. I have
heard mention that the Painter family may be Indian and also my Reed family.
The Reed family is listed as Mulatto on census records until about 1870.

Edward Adams married Mary Catherine Painter Shanks, his brother Nathan
married Mary Catherine's daughter Ella Shanks. On both marriage records it
is hand written at the top "Do Not Publish". I often wondered who they
didn't want to know???

Edward and Mary's son my great grandfather Nathan Allen (Tine) Adams married
Gertrude Clevenger who was a granddaughter of the Reed family that are "not
white" on the census. Maybe she is the Indian??

Any comments Mary Kay??


> Tom's reply this morning was this....
> Andrea,
> Short answer is that I know of no such records. Any marriage between
> a Quaker and an American Indian hereabouts would have been out of
> meeting, and of course in those cases the name of the spouse is
> almost never noted. Friends did not have any organized work with
> Native Americans in this area. There was the school and farm at
> Wapakoneta, but the only records that have survived from there are
> brief reports in the yearly meeting minutes that never mention
> individual names.
> Tom

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