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Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2001 14:32:25 EST

Dear Listmembers:

On January 15, I changed the format of the IOWA list from "reply to list" to
"reply to sender" in order to reduce the quantity of messages each day to a
more manageable number for most people.

It certainly worked! Although January's message total was high (729) because
of heavy posting during the first half of the month, on the first 5 days of
February only 30 messages were posted to the list. At this rate monthly
activity will be about 180 messages.

Here's what the last six months looked like:
August 2000 612 messages
September 2000 1078 messages
October 2000 648 messages
November 2000 614 messages
December 2000 616 messages
January 2001 729 messages

A lot of the messages we don't see anymore are "thank you" and "me, too"
messages which aren't essential and probably should be sent as private email
(especially on a list this size). We are seeing lots of questions, but very
few answers posted and often an answer to an unrelated question provides
valuable hints. The personality of the list seems very different.

What do you think? Do you like the list better this way or the old way. Have
we found a workable answer or dowe need to keep looking. I'd appreciate some

Richard Harrison

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