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Subject: [IOWA] McAdams's family
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2003 19:47:09 EST

Hi All,

Bob Glasgow has asked me to post his family in hopes of finding any family
connections and or additional information on them. Any questions please feel
free to contact Bob at:

Thank you, Deborah


James and William A., photographers, have been established in business at Mt.
Pleasant since 1875. James, the senior partner, was born in Harrison Co.,
Ohio, Oct. 20, 1845, and is a son of George and Ann (Moore) McAdam, both of
whom were also natives of Harrison Co., OH.

Our subject went to Wenona, Marshall Co., IL, in the spring of 1857, and in
that place learned the art of photography. In the winter of 1869-70 he
commenced business for himself at LaSalle, IL, but gave it up after six
months and engaged in ranching in Colorado for another six months, when he
returned to Illinois and again began business this time in Wenona, where he
remained in business until 1875. In that year, in company with his brother
George, he started the present gallery in Mt. Pleasant, and has been engaged
in business ever since, and has made many friends in business, and socially.
In business he is materially assisted by his wife who is a lady of talen and
business capacity. His brother and partner takes no active part in
thebusiness in which he is successful owing to the fine class of work done,
and reasonable prices charged.

June 27, 1877, James McAdam was married to Miss Agnes S. Phillips, daughter
of Lt. William Phillips who was killed in the Battle of the Wilderness. Mrs.
McAdam was born in Pitsburgh, PA. Mr. and Mrs McAdam have been the parents of
three children, two of whom died in infancy. The survivor is a daughter, Mary
A., now nine years of age. Mr. and Mrs. McAdam are members of the
Presbyterian Church, and in politics he is a supporter of the Republican
party. Both are respected members of society, who are held in esteem by all
who know them.

Portrait and Biographical Album
Henry County, Iowa
Acme Publishing Company 1888

GEORGE McADAM, wife Elizabeth (McCammon), and son James immigrated to America
in 1804, listed as being from Aghaderg, County Down, Ireland. It is not yet
known which ship brought them, nor where they landed, but we assume
Philadelphia. They first lived in Pennsylvania before settling in Harrison
Co., Ohio. George and Elizabeth were natives of Bainbridge, Co. Down,
Ireland. George was born circa 1770 and Elizabeth 1778. George died 24 Oct
1848 and Elizabeth 01 Nov 1863. They both are buried at Nottingham Cemetery,
Moorefield, Ohio. Had issue: I. James; II. John; III. George W.; IV. Sarah;
V. Margaret; VI. Eliza; VII. Maria; VIII. William T.; IX. Thomas.

I. James McAdam, b. 10 Aug 1802 in Bainbridge, d. 06 Jul 1858.
Married Nancy McDowell, eldest daughter of Samuel McDowell & Jane Moreland.
Jane was b. 17 Mar 1804 in Pennsylvannia, d. 12 Dec 1876 in Moorefield, Ohio.
Had issue: 1. Samuel; 2. Eliza; 3. George Wishart; 4. Jeannie; 5. William
Mooreland; 6. Hugh Park; 7. Jane; 8. Sarah; 9. James McCammon.

1. Samuel b. 1828 in Cadiz, Ohio, m. Ann Galbrath. Had issue: i.
Bell; ii. Thomas Moreland; iii. Samuel Galbrath; iv. Park Elizabeth; v.
George W.; vi. Eliza; vii. Robert.

2. Eliza, b. 12 Jul 1831 in Cadiz, Ohio, d. 23 Jul 1865 in
Moorefield, Ohio. Married George Roberts.

3. George Wishart, b. 02 Nov 1832 in Cadiz, Ohio. Lived there on the
farm until 20 years of age, when he entered Franklin College, graduating in
1857. After engaging in teaching for a time, he entered the Theological
Seminary at Alleghany College. He engaged in preaching in the United
Presbyterian Church for two years after completion of his theological
education. In 1864 he moved to Newark, Ohio, and published the Newark
Republican; he went to Iowa and located in Mt. Pleasant in 1866. In 1869 he
became connected with the Mt. Pleasant Journal, being associated with Frank
Hatton. In May 1874 he bought Mr. Hatton's interest. He was also appointed
Postmaster the same year (April), and was a member of the School Board.
Married Carrie Hatton, from Cadiz, daughter of Richard Hatton, publisher of
the Cadiz Republican. Had issue: i. Frank Hatton; ii. Richard H.; iii.

4. Jeannie, b. Cadiz, Ohio. Married Mordacai Wheeler, had issue:
i.Lewis; ii. Sarah; iii. Nancy. Second husband John Knox.

5. William Moreland, b. 1836, in Cadiz, Ohio, m. 01 Jun 1881 to
Mariah Glasgow in Guernsey Co., Ohio. Had issue: i. James Glasgow; ii. Mary;
iii. Arthur Waddell.

6. Hugh Park, b. 1837 in Cadiz, Ohio. Married Elyda Welch, had
issue: i. ; ii. Edwin; iii. Anna; iv. Alida

7. Jane, b. 1840 in Cadiz, Ohio.

8. Sarah, b. 1842 in Cadiz, Ohio.

9. James McCammon, b. 1847 in Cadiz, Ohio.

II. John, b. 06 Nov 1805 in Cadiz, Ohio. Died 21 Sep 1848 in West Point,
Lee Co., Iowa. Married Susan Dunlap on 12 Mar 1829 in Harrison Co. Susan
was b. 30 Oct 1810, d. 20 Oct 1847, a native of New Athens, Ohio and the
daughter of John D. Dunlap and Nancy Dickerson. Had issue: 1. Eliza; 2.
Mary; 3. Sarah; 4.Nancy; 5. Rebecca; 6. George A.; 7. Dunlap; 8. Margaret.
John m. Harriet Butler 13 Apr 1848. Soon after they moved to Iowa where John
died "immediately". The step mother moved back to the farm in Ohio and
reared Mary, Sarah, Rebecca, and Dunlap. George was reared by his
grandmother Eliza McCammon McAdam and his aunt & uncle. Margaret was raised
by her uncle Robert Burnside and aunt Margaret McAdam.

1. Eliza, b. 13 Mar 1831, d. 23 Jan 1846, in Moorefield, Ohio.

2. Nancy, b. 27 Jan 1832, d. 17 Aug 1844, in Moorefield.

3. Mary, b. 24 Feb 1833 in Harrison Co., Ohio, d. 17 Nov 1877 in
Moorefield. Married Jacob Compher 28 Dec 1854. Had issue: i. Sarah Isobel;
b. 24 Feb 1856, d. 26 Oct 1869. ii. Anna Marie; b. 12 Feb 1860, d. 1945.
iii. George William; b. 15 May 1864, m. Margaret Wilson, had issue: a) Mary
Mabel b. 31 Jan 1885; b) C. Sherman, died Feb 1892. George married Mrs. E.
H. Cape several years later.

4. Sarah, b. 23 Aug 1835 in Harrison Co., d. 13 Nov 1910. Married
John H. Lewis 13 Aug 1867. John was a veteran of the Civil War, Union Army,
Co."H" Ohio Cavalry. John and Sarah had issue: i. Evalena, b. 23 Aug 1870;
ii. Mary E. Lewis Vansickle b. 23 Mar 1873; iii. J. Elza b. 08 Dec 1876; iv.
Sherman Dunlap, b. 06 Nov 1878. J. Elza and Sherman were veterans of the
Spanish American War. John and Sarah had sixteen grandchildren. Sarah was a
brilliant conversationalist and possessed a keen sense of humor. Sarah and
her husband were consistent members of the Presbyterian Church.

5. Rebecca, b. 20 Nov 1838, d. 01 Mar 1911. Married Samuel
Willoughby in 1857. Had issue: i. Elizabeth; ii. Mary Ellen; iii. Iseline;
iv. John D.; v. James; vi. Anna; vii. George; viii. Emma.
Rebecca and her husband were consistent members of the Methodist Church.

6. George A. McAdam, sixth child of John and Susan McAdam, was born
near Moorefield, Harrison Co., Ohio on his fathers farm on 16 Oct 1840. He
died 29 Apr 1910, in Moran, Allen Co., Kansas. Left an orphan at the age of
seven years; from that time he was reared by his uncle Thomas and aunt Sarah
together with his Grandmother Eliza McCammon McAdam (widow of George McAdam).
A veteran of the Civil War, he was a corporal in the Union Army. After the
war he returned to Ohio where he purchased a farm. Married Jane S. Anderson
07 Mar 1867. They lived on their farm until 1869 when they removed to
Kansas, where they again purchased a farm. George was progressive and of
great intellectual ability whose council was sought after in the community in
which he lived. Jane Anderson was born 14 Mar 1847 in Belmont Co., Ohio, and
died 09 Dec 1907 in Moran, Allen Co., Kansas. She was the daughter of John
Anderson and Lucinda Brown. She was of English descent, a woman of very high
character, beautiful and vivacious. George and his wife were both members of
the United Presbyterian Church, engaged in the work of the church, and were
very charitable. They reared a family of ten children: i. John Thomas; ii.
William W.; iii. Melvina L. (Lussberg?); iv. Margaret; v. Irene May; vi.
Andrew; vii. Henry H.; viii. Elizabeth; xi. Arthur; x. Alice.

i. John Thomas; b. 13 Dec 1868 in Johnson Co., Kansas, d. 06 Feb
1935 in Parsons, Labette Co., Kansas. Married to Mary Yelton, two sons and
four daughters.

ii. William W.; b. 30 Apr 1870 in Johnson Co., d. 28 Mar 1936 in
Moran, Allen Co., Kansas.

iii. Melvina; b. 16 Apr 1871 in Johnson Co., d. 22 Apr 1927 in
Kincaid, Anderson Co., Kansas. Married Jessie Yelton 14 Feb 1892, had ten

iv. Margaret; b. 16 Jun 1872 in Johnson Co., d. 29 Apr
1896 in Kincaid, Anderson Co., Kansas. Married Scipio Wade 03 Sep 1890.

v. Irene May; b. 03 May 1876 in Johnson Co., d. 19 Mar 1945 in
Moran. Married John S. Byerly 03 Nov 1897.

vi. Andrew; b. 08 May 1877 in Johnson Co., d. 27 Jan 1961 in Lone
Elm, Allen Co., Kansas. Married Bessie Schuessler 23 Nov 1904, four

vii. Henry H.; b. 07 Apr 1881 in Johnson Co., d. 30 Oct 1953 in
Oswego, Labette Co., Kansas. Married Mae Curley.

viii. Elizabeth; b. 20 Jul 1882 in Kansas, d. Nov 1964 in Hobbs,
New Mexico. Married to Fred Manley.

ix. Arthur; b. 13 Mar 1886 in Anderson Co., d. 23 Apr 1903 in

x. Alice (Lady); b. 19 Mar 1888 in Anderson Co., d. 1973 in
Houston, Texas. Married John M. Munyon in 1906.

7. Dunlap Jameson; b. 02 Aug 1843 in Harrison Co., d. 15 Feb 1925.
Married Kate Wisehart 08 Jul 1875. Attended public school, entered Franklin
College in New Athens, Ohio, but left after the first year. He enlisted as a
private in Co. "C", 126 Ohio Volunteer Infantry. At the end of his military
career he taught for a time at Carrollton, Carroll Co., Ohio. He entered
Washington & Jefferson College, graduating with the class of 1868 taking
first honors, and giving the Valedictory of his class. His class consisted
of 60 young men. He then took up the study of law but soon gave that up to
assume a professorship at Washington & Jefferson. Forty two years of his
active life were spent at the college, afterwhich he resigned, his alma mater
conferring on him the title of Doctor of Law. Dr. McAdam was twice married,
his first wife being Miss Kate Wisehart Captain Alexander Wisharts only
daughter to whom he was married 08 Jul 1875. To this union were born five
children, three being i. Dunlap Jr.; b. 1877. ii. John; b. about 1880. iii.
Kate; b. about 1881. After the death of his first wife, Dr. McAdam married
Miss Braden in 1888. To this union were born Braden; and George W.; b. 11
Apr 1889. George was killed in an airplane crash in England.

8. Margaret; b. 07 Jun 1847 near Moorefield, Harrison Co., Ohio,
d. 27 Apr 1935 in Los Angeles, Ca. For some reason her tombstone reads 1934
as the year of death. Margaret was the youngest child of John and Susan
Dunlap McAdam. She was reared by her father's sister, Margaret McAdam
Burnside and her husband Robert, after the death of her mother. Her mother
mother died four months after her birth, her father a year later. Margaret
spent most of her years in Monmouth, Warren Co., Illinois. She attended
Monmouth College, graduating with the class of 1870. She taught at the Law
School north of Monmouth, later teaching at the fourth grade school in town.
She married James Love Glasgow in Monmouth on 01 Jan 1877. Had issue: i.
Robert Arthur; b. 01 Sep 1879, d. 13 Jun 1923. ii. Margaret Jane; b. 22 Jan
1884, d. 11 Oct 1933, allegedly from ant poison. iii. James Dunlap; 23 Oct
1887, d. 15 Jan 1975. See GLASGOW.

III. George W.; b. 26 May 1811 in Cadiz, Harrison Co., Ohio, d. 09 Jul
1880 in Wenona, Marshall Co., Illinois. George was born on the old family
homestead and managed the farm for several years after attaining his
majority. After this he moved to the town of Cadiz and spent several years
in the mercantile business. Still later he had charge of a pork
establishment. In the spring of 1857 he went west and settled on a farm
about 7 miles west of Wenona, Illinois. In the spring of 1866 he moved into
the town of Wenona. He kept a general store with his sons for many years
there. He was always noted for the liberal spirit he manifested in all his
dealings. George united with the United Presbyterian Church early in life
and was a consistent christian all his life. Married Ann Jane Moore in
Harrison Co. on 22 Jan 1840. Ann Jane was b. 01 Jul 1820, d. 18 Dec 1865 in
Wenona. She was the daughter of George Moore and Ann Jane Glasgow. After
his wife's death, George married Mrs. Bentley Gill and adopted her son, L. E.
Eddie; b. 1876 in Wenona. George and Ann had eight children: 1. William A.;
2. John; 3. Talford; 4. Ruth Anna Jane; 5. George Glasgow; 6. Mary Ella; 7.
James; 8. Margaret Elizabeth.

1. William A.; b. Cadiz. Ohio, d. 22 Aug 1896 in Milford, Iraquois
Co., Illinois.

2. John; b. Cadiz, Ohio, d. 26 Sep 1863 in the Army Hospital,
Memphis, Tennessee, war related.

3. Talford; b. Cadiz, Ohio, d. 16 Sep 1863. Buried in Wenona,

4. Ruth Anna Jane; b. Cadiz, Ohio, d. 1881 in Wenona, Illinois.
Married Thomas Quaintance in 1874, in Magnolia, Illinois.

5. George Glasgow; b. 13 Jan 1843 in Cadiz, Ohio, d. 30 Oct 1902 in
Wenona, Illinois. Married Mary E. Moore 12 May 1892.

6. Mary Ella; b. 29 Jul 1861 in Cadiz, Ohio, d. 25 Jan 1929 in
Oskaloosa, Mahaska Co., Iowa. Married William E. Ritchie 28 Jan 1883.

7. James; b. 20 Oct 1845 in Cadiz, Ohio, d. 08 Jan 1917 in Fowler,
Benton Co., Indiana. When ten years of age, his parents removed to Illinois,
where he learned photography. In 1875 he came to Iowa and located in Mt.
Pleasant, and was engaged in business there: McAdam Bros., Photographic
Artists. Married Agnes S. Phillips 27 Jun 1877 in Mt. Pleasant, Henry Co.,
Iowa. Agnes was a native of Pennsylvannia and the daughter of Lt. William
Phillips. Had issue: i. Mary A.; b. 19 Jul 1878 in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, d.
1964 in Fowler, Indiana. ii. William; b. 28 Jul 1883, d. 29 Jul 1883 in Mt.
Pleasant. iii. Edwin; b. 12 Sep 1884, d. 10 Aug 1885.
8. Margaret Elizabeth; b. 1854 in Cadiz, d. 1934 in Kansas City,
Jackson Co., Missouri. Married to John McDowel Snodgrass.

IV. Sarah; b. 09 Apr 1812 in Cadiz, d. 24 Jun 1856 in Moorefield.

V. Margaret; b. 08 Sep 1813 in Cadiz, d. 28 Jun 1886. Married Robert
Burnside in Harrison Co., on 12 Mar 1840. These two raised neice Margaret
after the death of John & Susan McAdam.

VI. Eliza; b. Jan 1815 in Cadiz, d. 06 Oct 1834 in Moorefield.

VII. Maria; b. in Cadiz, married to a Mr. Campbell.

VIII. William T.; b. 1823 in Cadiz, d. 19 Feb 1893 in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.

IX. Thomas; b. about 01 Apr 1825 in Cadiz, d. 24 Mar 1885 in Mansfield,
Richland Co., Ohio. Married to Ellen ? . Had issue: 1. George.

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