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From: "Ethel Handley" <>
Subject: Re: [IOWA] Deceased M.D.'S
Date: Sun, 6 Apr 2003 22:09:25 -0500
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Yes there was a Dexter Hospital when my daughter was born there in 1945. Do
not know when it first opened its doors nor when the hospital closed and was
torn down...sometime approximately 10 years ago I think. The two doctors I
recall were Dr. Keith Chapler and Dr Osborn or Osbourne. There were many
babies born there.

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From: "Kristi Murdock" <>
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Sent: Sunday, April 06, 2003 9:51 PM
Subject: Re: [IOWA] Deceased M.D.'S

> Margaret, generally speaking, I'd try to find out from local sources whom,
> if anyone, took over the doctor's practice. Was he always in a solo
> practice? Really, your only hope is to find out who took over for him.
> might try calling the library in Dexter and see what they can tell from
> telephone books that they probably have on hand... the librarian may also
> know of someone in the community who might remember the doctor you're
> to find, and have some idea what happened to his practice. The contact
> I have is Dexter Public Library, 809 Dallas, Dexter IA 50070-0037,
> 515-789-4490
> Also, I'm confused by mention of a hospital in Dexter. I didn't think
> had ever been a hospital in Dexter... was it a hospital or just a
> practice? How long ago are we talking? When Bonnie and Clyde ran into
> their problems outside of Dexter circa 1933 and Clyde's brother, Buck, was
> shot, he was taken to the King's Daughters Hospital (now the Dallas County
> Hospital) in Perry, Iowa, because that was the closest emergency facility,
> and I'm sure no hospitals have developed in Dexter since then... So if
> you're looking for hospital records for the area, I would check with
> County Hospital in Perry.
> Kristi Murdock
> Coordinator, Dallas County IAGenWeb
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> > How would you go about finding medical records from a Doctor that has
> > been in practice since 1975? The doctor and his family have long since
> been
> > deceased. The hospital was located in Dexter,Iowa?
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