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Subject: [IRELAND-OLD-NEWS] !! Washington Post; Jan 2, 1907 "Death of Countess of Clancarty"
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Washington Post
Washington, DC
Jan 2, 1907

The Countess of Clancarty, who as Belle Bilton was a very sprightly
vaudeville artist, died Monday at her husband's residence, Garbally Park, County
Galway, Ireland. She was one of the first to dance into the peerage out of the
modern music hall.
She was Miss Isabel Maude Penrice, daughter of John George Bilton, and she
developed a force of character which, although she was never received at court,
gained her a firm position among the county families of Galway, with whom she
became as popular as with her husband's tenants. In fact, Clancarty's marriage
turned out very well.
Three sons and a daughter survive her. The daughter's name has a certain
"top line" attractiveness- "Beryl Franzisca Kathline Blanca."
Although the dispatches do not state the cause of her death, it is not
unlikely that the countess died of cancer.
Eighteen months ago she underwent severe operations for cancer, and the
best Irish surgeons gave her up. Then she was put under the care of Dr. Doyen,
of Paris, whose financial controversy with George Croker, of New York and San
Francisco, is well remembered. Dr. Doyen pronounced the countess cured.
Clancarty, then Lord Dunlo, married the brilliant Belle Bilton in May,
1880. It was common rumor that he and another of her numerous admirers tossed up
to see which should have the privilege of proposing marriage to her. Lord Dunlo
won, and it proved, won much.

Cathy Joynt Labath
Ireland Old News

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