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From: Ben Mayberry <>
Subject: McCarthy of Caheragh
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 1997 16:36:17 -0500

>>From: Ben Mayberry <>
>Subject: McCarthy of Caheragh
>> My maiden name is McCarthy. My grandfather, Daniel Joseph McCarthy
emigrated to US @ 1905. He entered first in NY then onto Boston area where
he had many relatives. He married and raised his family in Brighton,
Newton, and Newton Center, Massachusetts.
>I am actually researching two McCarthy lines in Cork. ( incidentally, I
just purchased the book, " The McCarthys of Munster", which I really like.)
Timothy Denis McCarthy, son of Charles McCarthy and wife, Mary O'Sullivan
McCarthy, was born 1821 at Coolboy, Caheragh,Cork,Ireland. Although there
were other McCarthys in the area where my family lived, Timothy Denis was
the first of his line at Barnagowlane. This is not the village of same name
but the homeplace which is located near Abbetstrowery and Skibbereen in
Caheragh. He married Ainne' (Anne) LEONARD and they inherited Barnagowlane
from her family who had resided there several generations. The Leonards all
migrated to US or Reengaroa (sic) or died.
>Florence McCarthy, son of above Timothy and Ainne', was born 12 Mar 1850 at
Barnagowlane and died there 23 June 1935. He married Ellen McCarthy 12
Feb.1881 at Killeenbeg, Skibbereen,Cork. She is the daughter of Cornelius
McCarthy and wife, Mary Collins. Ellen was born 17 Feb.1854 at Lissane and
died 24 June 1940 at Barnagowlane. Cornelius was born @ 1822 at Lissane,
Drimoleague,Cork,Ireland and died 5 Jan.1880 at Skibbereen. ( At least, I
think this is my Cornelius. Problem is this man was a shopkeeper while mine
was a farmer.) Mary Collins was born @ 1826 Ireland.
>Access to records is my problem. I've gone far enough back to precede
official record keeping beginning in 1864 but not far enough to tie into
older records. I am stuck in that twilight zone of Irish research where
nothing seems possible and everything is sought.

Advice, assistance and help is requested and all is greatfully appreciated.
Thanks so much,Leila Mayberry

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