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From: "Kim Dolce" <>
Subject: RE: MALACHY
Date: Tue, 05 Jan 1999 18:46:53 PST

Mike wrote...
>Thanks to all who responded with various pronunciations of the name
>"MALACHY". It is nearly unanimous that the correct pronunciation is:
>mala ky (as in sky)
That is the usual pronunciation one hears, the Hebrew version
which is more common I think in the rest of the world.

>>The fact that this is the pronunciation used on the audio tapes of
>"Angela's Ashes" is good enough for me since I have been told that
Frank >McCourt does the actual narration on the tape.

Frank McCourt does the narration on Anglea's Ashes & Malachy, his
brother narrates his book A Monk Swimming. both of them say'Mala kee'
which is the pronunciation give in the celtic names book. They do not
say 'Mala ky.' Why not see if your local library has one or both books
on tape?? That's where I got mine :) Kim

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