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Date: Sat, 1 May 1999 11:21:22 EDT

Hi everyone

Yesterday I found that my Mother's paternal ancestors came
from Co. Tyrone and not Co. Monaghan where I have been looking.

I found the following information on a property deed document
(having to do with a Dowry of James McGough's Widow) that I found in the
County archives of my local Montgomery Co., PA. Time Frame of
information on the document is approximately 1889. With this information
I found the declarations of naturalizations for both my GGrandfather
William McGough, and his brother James McGough. On the declarations
it stated that both came from Co. Tyrone. I would not have connected
William and James McGough because of the time span separating them,
but it does clearly mentioned both as brothers in the property document.
The towns of Killeeshill and Dungannon were both mentioned in an attachment
from John Daily in Co. Tyrone to John Daily, Jr. in Philadelphia. Lawyers in
Co. Tyrone who handled this document for John Daily were Patrick Shields and
Alexander McVeigh, March, 1889. There was also another attachment by
George Savage, Consul of the United States of America for the Port (or Post)
of Belfast, Ireland (March, 1889).

William McGough -- Co. Tyrone (died bet. 1880 and 1889)
Arrived at Port of Philadelphia 1853, age 20,
Declared to become a US citizen in 1855.
Wife/Widow: Mary McGough. These are my GGrandparents.
Do not know yet if they married in Ireland or the US.

Children of William and Mary McGough:
Margaret McGough Cahill, Widow;
Catherine McGough Cassidy, Widow; Husband: William Cassidy;
Mary E. McGough Burns, Widow; Child:Cecilia Burns;
Ann McGough Rogan (DOB ~ 1866 USA); Husband: John Rogan; and
William McGough (DOB: 1868 USA) (My Grandfather who much later married
Winifred Hayden of Co. Carlow)

James McGough -- (Brother to Catherine and William), Co. Tyrone
Declared intention to become a US citizen in 1839 Age: 32
Wife/Widow: Mary McGough
No Children

Catherine McGough Daily (Sister of James and William)
Possibly stayed behind in Co. Tyrone
Husband: Owen Daily

Children of Owen and Catherine McGough Daily:
John Daily, Killeeshill in the parish of Killeeshill, Co. Tyrone;
Child of John Daily: John Daily, Jr. (Philadelphia);
Patrick Daily (Deceased);
Children of Patrick Daily:Thomas Daily; Annie Daily;
Mary Jane Daily; and Patrick Daily;
Thomas Daily (Deceased);
Children of Thomas Daily: Owen Daily; Ellen Connelly;
Thomas Daily; Susan Daily; and John Daily

This information is overwhelming. Can someone tell me about Killeeshill?
On the document from John Daily it also mentions Dungannon. Are these
towns close? Possibly many of the Daily's did not come to the US. I need
some advise.

And to think that two days ago I knew nothing but the name of my
Grandfather William McGough. You just never know what is around
the next corner.

Thank you in advance for any help. My head is spinning. <G>


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