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From: "Jim McDonald" <>
Subject: Re: [IRELAND] My dear Irish Granny!
Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2000 19:16:55 +0100
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ORMSBY connections in Sligo:
1669 William Ormsby. High Sheriff of the County of Sligo.
1680 William Ormsby. ditto.
1693 Philip Ormsby. ditto.
1694 Mathew Ormsby. ditto.
1695 Adam Ormsby, Cummin. ditto.
1700 William Ormsby. ditto.
1704 John Ormsby, ditto.
1712 Mathew Ormsby, Belvoir. ditto.
1715 Francis Ormsby, Annagh. ditto.
1721 George Ormsby, Brlvoir. ditto.
1725 William Ormsby, Annagh. ditto.
1739 Thomas Ormsby, Aughamore. ditto.
1757 William Ormsby, Willowbrook. ditto.
1768 William Ormsby, Willowbrook. ditto.
1790 George Ormsby, Belvoir. ditto.
1792 Thomas Ormsby, Cummins. ditto.
1797 Thomas Ormsby, Castle Dargan. ditto.

1713 Wiliam Ormsby. Member of Parliament for the County and Borough of
1715 William Ormsby. ditto.
1719 Francis Ormsby, Willowbrook. ditto.
1847 Wm. Richard Ormsby Gore, Esq. ditto.

1727 Francis Ormsby (d1751). Member of Parliament for the Borough of Sligo.
1757 William Ormsby, Willowbrook. ditto.
1761 William Ormsby, Willowbrook. ditto.
1768 William Ormsby, Willowbrook. ditto.

1715 George Ormsby. Burgess of the Borough of Sligo.
1748 Lewis Ormsby. George Ormsby. William Ormsby. ditto.
1754 Rev. George Ormsby. Lewis Ormsby. ditto.
1756 Rev. Eubule Ormsby. ditto.
1771 Eubule Ormsby. ditto.
1778 George Ormsby. ditto.
1783 William Ormsby. ditto.
1824 John Ormsby. ditto.

This family of ORMSBY came from Lincolnshire. A pedigree of the family was
compiled by G.J.F. Fuller sometime in the 1800s. The first to settle in
Ireland was a Thomas, who was a younger son of a John.
Thomas married a granddaughter of Sir Nicholas Malby.
Their eldest son was Edmond, who married twice: first to Suzzanna Kelke, by
whom he had Edward, of Tobervadda in county Roscommon, Anthony, of Pusgallen
in county Roscommon, and Malby, of Cloghan, county Mayo. His second marriage
to Elizabeth Newman had issue, John, of Moyvola, county Galway, Philip, of
Annagh or Willowbrook, county Sligo, and Thomas, of Cummin, county Sligo.
The Willowbrook Ormsbys intermarried with the first families in the country:
the CROFTENS of Moate, the KINGS of Rockingham, the GORES of Lisadell and
Mayo, the FRENCHES of Frenchpark, and the WYNNES of Hazelwood, etc., etc.

Jim McDonald

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Sent: Monday, July 31, 2000 9:23 PM
Subject: [IRELAND] My dear Irish Granny!

> Can anyone help me trace my gran. She was born approx 1895, rumour had it
that she was born in Co. Clare but I am not sure about this. I know she
worked in Dublin and I reckon she must have left there when she was about 18
(1913) to come to England. I have a mystery on my hands because her mother
was a Minnie Hill who supposedly married a Duke Henry Ormsby, I say
supposedly because there is no record of her marriage and indeed the only
marriage of the said Duke Ormsby was to a Mary Ruane in 1895 which is the
year my grandmother was born. My grandmother's name was Violet Eileen
Ormsby. I would be so very grateful if somebody could help me, I need to
find her birth certificate so that I can prove who her parent's were and I
cannot find her birth in this country. Wendy in the UK

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