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From: "Debbie Romilly" <>
Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2000 12:58:29 -0500
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Dearest John,
Thank you, thank you for creating this list, for giving so much, and for
allowing me the honour of following in your stead as Listowner. I will give
everything to not let you down or the list you have nurtured for many years.
I do love Ireland with all of my heart, and I hope to follow the fine
traditions you have set for us. You have treated the list as if it is your
home and we have all been invited to a warm and friendly little get
together. This I hope will continue as well as the love of all things of
Ireland. We truly are, as you have so eloquently pointed up, "an empire
stretching around the world. An empire of love, memories, emotions, and
enduring friendships." Certainly your wise words about one day at a time
and keeping it simple are very good advise. So for all of your hard work
and providing such a valuable Irish resource thank you so very much John. I
am very excited, happy and amazed to serve in this way. Thank you too for
all the well-wishes! I see now I have a message about the problems the roll
call might cause some of you! I apologise for this, I will give a heads-up
and look for better timing when we do this again. My epitaph will be, "the
road to hell is paved with good intentions"! If too many messages are
coming in it might be more convenient to switch to Digest Mode. Hoping all
of you have a good weekend!
Slan go foil,
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From: "j.caughey" <>
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Sent: Friday, September 01, 2000 10:24 AM

> A chairde Gael! Friends and Fellow Listers!
> When I searched my dictionary for the word 'retire', I found: to give up
> one's regular work because of advancing years. Perhaps you will bear with
> the musings of this old Irishman who passed 75 years of age a few months
> ago.
> As some of you know, I founded the IRELAND list a number of years ago, I
> think it was in 1996, it was not hosted by Rootsweb at that time. It has
> been a labour of love. I made some great friends and corresponded with
> lovely poeple. Ireland has an empire stretching around the world. An
> of love, memories, emotions and enduring friendships.
> I decided that the list needed a fresh hand at the wheel. Someone younger,
> someone who loves Ireland, her people, her history, her culture, her music
> and her traditions. I wish to thank all of you who kindly volunteered to
> manage the list; I am so grateful to all of you.
> For personal reasons, I had to make a speedy decision, and I have decided
> accept Debbie's offer to take on the job. I hope and trust you will all
> Debbie your loyal support and co-operation. If God spares me, I will
> as a subscriber.
> To those of you who kindly enquired, my health and ecurity are
> fine...Eithne, my dear wife, and Bingo, my Border Collie see to that. <G>
> are in a time of rapid changes in Ireland, my beloved native homeland ,and
> indeed throughout this 'global village'. Let us try and help each other
> true Irish brotherly and sisterly love and kindness.
> As you know, some listers have asked for prayers for themselves or for
> relatives or friends who were ill or dying. I was always greatly moved by
> these requests and by the support and kind words that were offered by
> listers.
> While many of you have been great, I always had a soft spot for Jane, with
> whom I had many a 'run in'. I think she is a very special person and was
> very sorry to hear of the recent death of her dear father. Go deanaigh Dia
> trocaire ar a anam.
> A last word of advice, given to me by my old deceased friend, Michael
> Dawson: Take it one day at a time...keep it simple... and don't bite off
> more than you can chew.
> Adh mor oraibh, a chairde.
> Sean Mac Eochaidh
> John Caughey
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