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Subject: Re: [IRELAND] Ulster Catholic Emigration to Mayo 1796 - query re:OSBORNE surname - Irish Provinces - TheBookof Irish FamiliesGreat & Small
Date: Thu, 8 Jan 2009 23:04:14 -0800
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That is a good point, Cara. That Moses first name is unusual, to ....
Fascinating! Listers might note that in 1796 there WERE Catholics who
migrated from Ulster (Armagh?) to Co. Mayo (Westport?) J.
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Subject: Re: [IRELAND] query re: OSBORNE surname - Irish Provinces -
TheBookof Irish Families Great & Small

> If and I say if - and this is not to cause problems Moses P Osborne was
> born
> in Donegal
> May I ask why you think he departed Ireland through CO Cork, this to me
> suggests that the man,
> actually removed from the North of Ireland, where Donegal Is to the
> immediate South to catch a
> ship to Canada - wouldnt it make more sense that he would sail from a port
> closer to Donegal if he was living there. <snip>

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