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Subject: Re: [IRELAND] Ulster Catholic Emigration to Mayo 1796 -
Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2009 00:15:38 -0800
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Hi Pat and John,

The articles I mentioned have a lot of helpful information regarding lists
of names. You can obtain a copy of the articles from Seanchas Ardmacha from
the National Library of Ireland, using the information in my previous post.
Both articles are so full of information it would be more helpful to get a
copy of the articles if possible. One of the articles also gives the name
variations in County Mayo and what names they originated from in the north.

Abstract of the Honourable Denis Browne's Return of Catholics in the
county of Mayo, dated Nov. 1796, who have emigrated from the north since May
1795.- County Cavan 26 families listedin this schedule. SPO (State
Papers)Reb.(1796) 620/26/183

Tenants from John Maxwell's (later Earl of Farnham) estates in Counties
Cavan and Armagh were among those who moved into Connaught.

>From "The Diamond Fight of 1795 and the Resultant Expulsions" by Patrick
Tohall (Seanchas Ardmacha, VOl 3, No 1, 1958) -

1. a family of Shiel clai Ulster origin, obviously of this period, but
they, too have mistakenly interpreted the "Hell or Connaught" generality as
part of the Cromwellian expulsions- the inclusion of the death of a French
deserter pins down the period.

2. MacAtinney (form of MacEntee) from Annaghmore, on the River Blackwater
appears to be Fox (doesn't say county of origin) p. 33

3. McAma of Clogher, Co Tyrone are these forbears of McNamas of Easkey and
Inniscrone p. 33

4. Bd (Bernard?) and Charles McEnteer appear on the list provided by the
Earl of Altamont but no country of origin is given. (1795-1796)

5. Ulster to Mayo List of Householders - May - Nov 1796 District where
listed - Cavan - Kilmore- County totals - 4 families:

Wm. Fox - Parish of Castlerahan, Townland of Castlerahan
Patrick Mullan, - Parish of Drumgoon, Townland of Agstell 9 it has ditto
marks belown Castle but I can't find any townland with that name in
Drumgoon Parish or any other parish.
Fras. (Francis) Nugent - Drumgoon Parish, Cootehill Town
Fras. (Francis) McConaghy - Parish of Tara, Townland of Cootehill Antiduff

6. Under Miscellaneous is listed:

Patrick Sheal from Drogheda Town
Hugh Sheal from Drohgeda Town

There is a wide variety of variations in the spellings of the names and some
names were changed to a different form of the name once they moved into
County Mayo or the other locations. There is also a wide range of spelling
variations for the townlands.

Pat, I noticed that McEntee sounds like McGinty so I looked it up in
McLysaght's book of Irish Surnames and found it was a form of McGinty. I
had McGinty relatives in County Derry.

Hope this is of some help.


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