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*NOON*, Thomas. The funeral was held on April 2 from his home on Cayuga
St. He served a term in the Common Council, and was for several years a
police officer. Funeral services were conducted at Holy Rosary Church. ...

*REGAN*, Philip, who was killed on the railroad on March 2, was held
from his late home on Cayuga St., and , notwithstanding the inclemency
of the weather, was attended by a large concourse of sorrowing friends.
The funeral moved to the Church of the Holy Rosary, headed by the
Cumberland Band, and followed by the Lenox Athletic Club, and several
other organizations. Interment was at Cathedral Cemetery. Pall Bearers
were: _John J, Gallagher_, _Eugene Cannon_, _Martin Nealon_, _Martin
McDonald, Peter Hopkins_ and _John Keenahan_. Scranton. ...

*???????DENIHAN*, Edward Sr., aged 92 years, died on Feb. 6 at the home
of his son, _Edward Denihan_, a grocer, 2632 Fifth Ave., after a long
illness. In 1847 he came to this city from Ireland, and settled down in
the 14 Ward, and is said to have been the oldest resident of that
district. His wife died four years ago at the age of 90. He is survived
by a son, _Edward Denihan Jr_., and two daughters _Mrs. Enright_ and
_Mrs. P. Minogue_.


*DUFFY*, Patrick, died Feb. 7 at his home in Crafton. He was 83 years
old, having been born in County

Meath in 1815. He came to this country 62 years ago and was engaged in
the contracting business.

He graded the site for the present St. Patrick's. In 1865 he moved to
Robinson township, later to Chartiers. He is survived by four sons;
_James, Frank, Thomas, and George Duffy_, and a daughter _Margaret
Crum_, the wife of _Justice Crum_, of Crafton. ...


*FLANAGAN*, Mrs. Sarah, of Millvale, died suddenly Feb. 6 of heart
disease. She was 57 years of age and had resided in this town for 30
years. She is survived by three children_, Mrs. B. Madden, James
Flanagan and Mrs. M. Johnson_. ...

*Extracted from Our World Newspapers, 1899. No additional information is


*JOYCE*, John. Boston. Feb. 23. A fly wheel at the S. Steel Mill,
weighing 50 tons and 35 feet in diameter, flew apart. A fragment
weighing several tons flew through the roof and crashed down 100 years
north, loosening the beam which struck Joyce on the head, killing him
instantly. Mr. Joyce lived on Fellows St., survived by his widow and 4
young children. Prominent member of Div. 3, AOH, and Holy Cross Church.


*/LANAHAN,/*/ J.K., one of the oldest and most widely known citizens of
Pittsburg, (sic) died Jan. 29 at his home at South Negley & Center
avenues, age 68. He was born in the north of Ireland, and came to
America as a boy. He made his was to Pittsburg by driving cattle over
the mountains. He was first employees at Bradley's foundry, where he
became an apprentice. After learning his trade he saved his money and
educated himself at Loretto. Returning to Pittsburg he established a
hotel on Penn Ave., near the old canal locks, and in 1868 moved to
Liberty Ave., where he opened St. James Hotel. For 20 years he conducted
his house. He retired in 1888, and has since not been engaged in any
business. He served one term as a member of Councils from the Ninth
Ward. He was a consistent catholic, and a member of Sacred Heart Parish.
He is survived by his widow and four children: _Frank J.Lanahan_, (with
J.C. Grogan), the jeweler; _Stevenson Lanahan_, a student; _Suzanne, and
Florence Lanahan_, a student at Georgetown, Washington, D.C. .../

* *


*McBRIDE,* John of Wilkesbarre, who was killed in the charge up San Juan
Hill, took place with the most imposing military honors on April 2nd.
Never has Wilkesbarre seen a largest crowd assembled to do honor to the
dead. The 7th and 9th regiments, Herring's 9th Regiment Band,
Alexander's Band, and the 9th Regiment Drum Corps honorably discharges
soldiers, St. Aloysius societies, the Police, and others made up 2000
marchers in the crowd of civilians lining the roadway. The procession
moved to St. Mary's for the funeral.


*McGOVERN*, Patrick, died suddenly on Jan. 29 at Moses Taylor Hospital_,
Scranton_, from injuries suffered at the South Street Mill. He and his
son _Owen McGovern_, age 12, fell into the Cupola. The son remains in
the hospital but is expected to fully recover.

... Extracted from Our World Newspaper (Irish-American) , 1899

_Chester__ County_

*McGRAW*, John. Downingtown_, Chester County_. The morning of Feb. 12 in
his 80th year.

Mr. McGraw was born in Lough Drog, Donegal, Ireland in 1817, came to
this county in 1835. He worked in eastern parts of the state until 1844
he settled in Chester when Know-Nothingism was rampant. Mr. McGraws
employer was told to discharge him, but instead gave him a gun. The
bigots did not molest him after that. Sons _James, Robert, Frank,
Charles_ and _John_. Daughters _Sarah, Sister Harmonia, Margaret, Rose_
and _Mesey_. _Kearney_, of Pittston, and _Patrick Kearney_ of Avoca:
also Miss _B. Kearney_ of Pittston.


*McGUINNIS*, Sarah, died at the residence of her daughter, _Mrs. Patrick
B. Jordan_, 1221 Stone Ave., on April 2. She is survived by her sons:
_William and John McGuinnis_, and her daughters _Mrs. Patrick Donnegan,
Mrs. Michael Coggins_, and Mrs. Patrick Jordan. SCRANTON, PA.

Extracted from Our World Newspaper (Irish-American) , 1899. No
additional information is available.


*MACKIN*, Mary, an old and respected woman in Pittston, Pa., died on
March 5, at the home of her son, _James Mackin_, on Broad Street. She is
survived by her sons _James Mackin_ and _Michael Mackin_. Funeral at St.
John’s Church.


*MORAN*, Mary B., daughter of Mr. _Michael Moran_ died on Feb. 5 at the
family home, Moran Court, Bellvue. Miss Moran was 19 years of age, and
possessed a beautiful character. She is survived by her father and the
following brothers and sisters_; John M. Moran_, barber at the Coyle
House; Misses

_Margaret and Nellie Moran_ and Mr. _Joseph Moran_. Mass was held at
_Holy Cross Church_.

*Extracted from Our World Newspaper (Irish-American) , 1899. No
additional information is available. ...*

MOORE, "Indian John, the last Cornplanter Indian, died in Braddock, PA
on Feb. 8 at the age of 103 years. His name was John Moore and was
born in Mifflin township near the point where Gen. Braddock forged the
Monongahela. He recently visited the spot where the wigwam of his
father had stood. Moore remembered hunting on the site of Pittsburg
when it was only a village with five log cabins, Allegheny was a
wilderness and Braddock was inhabited by only one family.

Lackawanna ...

*Extracted from Our World Newspaper (Irish-American) , 1899. No
additional information is available *

*O'HARA*, Patrick, an old and respected citizen, died at his home on
Chestnut St., Dunmore, on March 30, after an illness of two months. He
was 74 years of age. He is survived by the following children_: Mrs.
Bridget Cook_, Misses_ Mary, Julia, Ellen and Sarah; _Messrs_ Patrick,
Thomas, Michael _and_ James_, who lives in Chicago. Bearers_: John J.
O’Hara _and_ Thomas O'Hara, Michael Sweeney, John Durkin, John Melvin
_and_ Thomas Loftus_. Burial was at the family plot in the old Catholic
Cathedral cemetery.


*SULLIVAN*, James, of Taylor, who met with an accident at the washery,
died on Jan. 26. Funeral was held from the home of his mother, Mrs.
Michael Sullivan. Two sisters and two brothers survive.


*SULLIVAN*, John F., former member of the Common Council, died at his
home at 467 West Carson St., Pittsburg. He was walking about his room
but a half an hour before he died. Mr. Sullivan was but 38 years old,
and one of the best known residents of the 34th Ward. He was a heater in
Painter's Mill for a number of years. He is survived by his wife, who is
a sister of Professor Joseph McDermott, Principal of the Knox School,
and one child.

* *


*Extracted from Our World Newspaper (Irish-American) , 1899. No
additional information is available.*

*FALLON*, John. Jan. 31st. Funeral from the residence of his son-in-law,
_Charles M. Zurn_, 1446 E. Columbia Ave. (formerly Hanover St.) Services
at St. Michael's.

*FARRELL*, Peter. Feb. 1. Son of the late _Aiden and Mary Farrell_.
Funeral from the residence _of Patrick Quinn_, 1821 Stetson Ave. Mass at
St. Michael's.

*FAUL*, Anna, widow of the late August Faul. Funeral from 1208 6th St.,
Mass at

Holy Trinity.

*KEENAN*, William, Feb. 6, in his 89th year, funeral from 424 N. 39th
St, Mass at St. James.

KELLY, Mary, daughter of Patrick and Julia Kelly, funeral from 8979 N.
28^th St., Mass at St. Francis Xavier.

*LOUGHERY*, John J, on Feb. 6, son of _Mary and the late Bernard
Loughery,_ funeral from 2002 N. Warnock St., Mass at St. Edwards.


*O'HARA*, Mrs. Felix. Died March 7 at the home of her daughter, _Mrs.
P.J. Quinn_, of Minooka. She was one of the oldest residents of Minooka.
Two daughters, Mrs. Quinn, and _Mrs. James Eagen_, of Minooka, survive
her. And four sons, Brian O'Hara of Minooka, _Michael O'Hara_ of
Dunmore, and _John O'Hara_ and _Felix O'Hara_ of St. Paul, Minnesota,
also survive her. The funeral was held at St. Joseph's Church. Scranton. ...

*RYAN*, Mrs, of 302 Twelfth St. died March 5 from congestion of the
lungs. The deceased had resided in this city nearly forty years, She
also resided in Carbondale. Mrs. Ryan is survived by one daughter and
three sons who are: Mrs. _Mary Carroll_, _David Ryan_ and _Thomas Ryan_
of this city, and _Patrick Ryan_ of Chicago. The Requiem Mass was held
at St. Patrick's Church, Scranton. ....


*ARMSTRONG*. _Sister Mary Raphael_, the oldest member of the Visitation
order of nun in St. Louis, died April 1. She was 78, and had been a nun
for 52 years. She was born in Philadelphia, and entered the convent at
Ninth and Carroll St., Philadelphia. Her family name was Armstrong.

*BROGAN*, John, age 21. Suddenly on Jan. 31. Son of _Thomas and Ellen
Brogan_; funeral from 2729 E. Cumberland St., 18th ward. High mass at
St. Ann's Church.

*CONWAY*, James Francis, Feb. 7, funeral from 13 S. 32nd St., West
Philadelphia. Mass at St. James, 38th & Chesnut St.


*CORBETT*, Mrs. John, of Minooka, died Jan. 27 at her home on Stafford
Street. A little over a year ago the deceased, formerly _Mary Lowrey
_wedded _John Corbett_. Last October her husband died, and the shock
left visible effects on his young wife. She never fully recovered. A
child of two weeks old survives.

Mass was celebrated at St. Joseph's Church, interment at Minooka Cemetery.

*CONWAY*, Hugh M., Feb. 9, aged 48 years, Mass at Epiphany Church.

*CROWLEY*, James, son of _Jeremiah and Catherine Crowley_. Age 40 years.
On Jan 30, funeral from 810 Marvine (formerly Inquirer). Mass at
Assumption Church.

*CRUMMELL*, Ella G., age 26, daughter of _William and Mary Crummell_,
funeral from 1438 Snyder Ave., mass at St. Monica's. On Feb. 2.

*CULLEN*, Bridget, widow of the late _Henry Cullen_. Funeral from 4957
Stiles St., W. Philadelphia, Mass at Our Mother of Sorrows. Feb. 1.

Extracted from 1899 Our World Newspapers. No additional information is

*FALLON*, John. Jan. 31st. Funeral from the residence of his son-in-law,
_Charles M. Zurn_, 1446 E. Columbia Ave. (formerly Hanover St.) Services
at St. Michael's.

*FARRELL*, Peter. Feb. 1. Son of the late _Aiden and Mary Farrell_.
Funeral from the residence _of Patrick Quinn_, 1821 Stetson Ave. Mass at
St. Michael's.

*FAUL*, Anna, widow of the late August Faul. Funeral from 1208 6th St.,
Mass at Holy Trinity.

*BANNON*, Anne, on April 6th, wife of the late _Patrick Bannon_. Funeral
from 2539 Salmon St., mass and interment at St. Ann's.

*BATESON*, Ellen, widow of the late _James Bateson_ Sr., funeral from
2167 Oakdale St., 31st Ward, Requiem mass at St. Ann's Church.

*BRADLEY*, Edward, on March 8, died suddenly in St. Agatha's Church,
38th and Spring Gardens St., on the Saturday night before, while
kneeling before a confessional.

*DOUGHERTY*, Catherine, on March 7, widow of John _Dougherty_. Funeral
from the residence of her daughter, Mrs. _Catherine McGarvey_, 1727
Buttonwood St., Mass at Cathedral Church.

*DUNN*, Catherine, widow of _James Dunn_ (who died Feb. 3, 1897) died
March 2 at the home of her sister _Mrs Thomas F. Kelley_, 389 Front St.,
age 33. Mrs. Dunn was a native of England and came to the United States
as a young girl. She leaves a daughter 5 years old. Funeral at St.
Charles' Church.

*FLANAGAN*, James P., who died suddenly of heart disease at his home in
Bridgton, March 2. His funeral was largely attended. Division 16, A.O.H.
attended the funeral, at St. Joseph's Church, service celebrated by
_Rev. Father Mahon_

*FEENY*, Hannah A., on March 6, wife of the late _John Feeny_. Funeral
from 2414 West Norris St., Mass at St. Elizabeth's

*GARVIN*, Mary, wife of _Charles Garvin_, on March 6. Funeral from 2117
Tasker St., Mass at St. Thomas' Church, Holy Cross Cemetery.

*JUDGE*, James, son of _John Judge_ and _Bridget Judge_, on April 3, age
28. Funeral from 2026 Wood St., Mass at St. Francis Xavier's Church.

*KANE*, Kate, daughter of _Daniel Kane_ and _Catherine Kane_, age 18
years, 7 months, on April 4. Funeral from 2012 Waverly St. below Pine.
High Mass at St. Patrick's Church.

*LYNCH*, Sarah Ann, on March 5, daughter of _Mary Lynch_ and the late
_Richard Lynch_. Funeral from 2101 St. Albans Place (formerly Evergreen
St.), Mass at St. Charles.

Extracted from 1899 Our World Newspapers. No additional information is

*McCLUNG*, Thomas E, son of _John and Ellen McClung_ and husband of _Ida
McClung_, funeral from 4823 Paschall Ave., High Mass at St. Francis de

*McCLAIN*, Rose, April 5, wife of _Daniel McClain_, age 32, funeral from
2512 Edgemont St., 18th ward, Mass at St. Ann's.

*McCLOSKEY*, Patrick, Suddenly on Feb 1. Funeral from southwest corner
of 36th Street and Wallace, West Philadelphia. St. Agatha's Parish.

*McCUNNY*, Sarah, widow of the late Charles McCunny, on Feb. 7. Funeral
at 520 S. Taney St, Mass at St. Patrick's Church

*McDONALD*, James, husband of _Ellen McDonald_, son of _Catherine and
the late John McDonald_, in his 41st year. Jan. 30. Funeral from 2114
Indiana Ave., mass at St. Columba's Church.

*McGARVER*, Sarah, widow of the late Patrick McGarvey; funeral from 3109
Edgemont St. 21st Ward. Nativity Parish. Jan. 31.

*McELVENNY*, Patrick, on March 6, son of the late _John McElvenny_ and
_Mary Jane McElvenny_, and husband of _Kate McElvenny_, from the
residence of his brother, Mr. Issac McElvenny, 2311 Reese St. Mass at
St. Edward's Church.

*McGLADE*, Sallie, April 3, widow of the late _Frederick McGlate_ and
daughter of the late _William and Annie Haviland_, funeral the home of
her son, _Thomas McGlade_, from 2018 Christian St., Mass at St. Charles

*McHUGH*, John, April 4th, husband of the late _Anne McHugh_, 2106
Orkney, Mass at St. Edwards.

*McKAE*, Robert, March, St. Thomas Aquinas' Parish. Son of William McKae
and _Jame McKae_, in his 13th year.

*McKERNAN*, Jennie, wife of _Patrick McKernan_, on March 7th. Age 23.
Funeral at St. Edward's, 653 Huntington St.

*McLAUGHLIN*, Fannie, widow of the late _James McLaughlin_ on April 5.
Funeral at Our Mother of Sorrows, St. Patrick's Parish. For her late
residence at 2138 Naudian St.

*McSHANE*, Charles, son of Mary _McShane_ and the late _Philip McShane_,
funeral from 2139 Federal St., to St. Charles. Jan. 31. Mass at St.
Charles Borromeo.

.*MOORE*, Catherine, Feb. 7, widow of the late John Moore. Funeral from
2560 E. Lehigh Ave, Mass at St. Anne's.

*MORRIS*, Katie, daughter of the late _John and Alician Morris_, died
April 3. Funeral from the residence of her brother-in-law, _Nicholas P.
Maguire_, 4714 Merion Ave. Philadelphia, . Mass at Our Lady of Sorrows.

*MURPHY*, Patrick, April 5, husband of _Mary Murphy_, funeral from the
Irish-American clubhouse, 726 Spruce, funeral at St. Mary's Church.

*MURPHY*, John A., aged 22, on April 5, son of Elizabeth and the late
_Patrick Murphy_, funeral from his mothers residence at 2942 N. Eighth
St., Mass at St. Veronica's.

*NEILL*, George W., on April 5, formerly of Boston, funeral from 1237 N.
17th St., High mass at Gesu.

*O'BRIEN*. John, son of Mary and the late John O'Brien, Feb 7, age 26
years. Funeral from Fildes Lane, Chestnut Hill, Mass at Church of our
Mother of Consolation.

*O'BRIEN*, Thomas, on March 7. Husband of _Mary O'Brien,_ funeral from
126 McClellan, Mass at Church of the Sacred Heart.

*O'CONNOR*, Miss Margaret, April 4 funeral from 717 Uber St., formerly
West St., high mass at the Church of Gesu.

*O'DONNELL*, Neal, son of _Dennis and Mary O'Donnell_, Feb 7, age 28
years. Funeral from residence of _Neil Haggerty_, 2408 N. 16th St., Mass
at Our Lady of Mercy.

*O'HARA*, William J., on April 3, husband of _Emma O'Hara_ , son of _Ann
O’Hara_ and the late _John O'Hara_, age 34. Funeral from 1640 Eyre St.,
formerly Deal St., 18th ward. Mass at St. Michaels

*SHEE*, sic (*SHEA*?) James J., of Chemical Engine No. 1, the fourth
victim of the fire at 13th and Market Sts., Philadelphia. occurred March
6, from his late home, 623 Webster St. SHEE died of pneumonia,
contracted as a result of his exposure at the fire while fighting the
flames. Sixty-four firemen in uniform represented every firehouse in the
city, under _Assistant Engineer Smith_, attended. _Father Donovan_
celebrated the Solemn High Requiem Mass at St. Paul's Church. Interment
at Holy Cross. ...

Pat Connors, Sacramento CA

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