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Subject: [Irish-American] Roll Call -- McGough, Collins, ...
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2005 19:51:10 EST


I'll add my names to the roll call list:

MCGOUGH -- Thomas & Rose (twins) Louth -> New York, settled in Geneva
(Ontario County, Finger Lakes area), family records indicate they were born in 1827 &
came to the US in 1846, their parents were Patrick McGough & Catherine

Rose married Thomas CAMPBELL, also from Louth, they arrived in the US on the
same ship, US records indicate that he was born in 1825.

MAHON -- Mary (married Thomas McGough) & John (her brother) -- US records
indicate that she was born in 1834 & came to the US from Ireland in 1848 as an
indentured servant. It is possible (though I am far from certain) that she may
have been brought to the US by the Parkers (or Parkes) of Hopewell, NY
(Ontario County).

In 1877 Thomas McGough and Mary Mahon McGough and their family moved from
Geneva, NY to Detroit, MI

Family records indicate that John Mahon first went from Ireland to Australia
and then to the US (arriving in time to fight in the Civil War) I would love
to find his service records.

CAWFIELD -- Thomas (it seems that was a popular name in that generation of my
family) -- possibly born in 1831 in Kilkenny, Ireland, came to the US in
1849, initially settled in Rochester, NY before moving to Geneva.

BROPHY -- Edward (?) & Mary with their children Mary, Ellen & Catherine came
to the US from Tipperary, Ireland in 1849, settled in Rochester, NY

Ellen Brophy married Thomas Cawfield in 1853 in Rochester, NY

FURLONG -- William (father's name was John) -- immegrated from Ireland to
Detroit, MI before 1850. Other family members may also have immegrated, I don't

He married Jane PARKER -- immegrated from Ireland to Detroit, I don't know

COLLINS -- Richard -- immegrated from Ireland to Detroit before 1850, may
have been born in 1816
he married Ellen CULHANE (I'm not 100% sure of the spelling), she was also
born in Ireland and may have been born in 1836.

I'd love to hear from anyone who may also be researching these families.

-Liz McGough

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