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Hello group,
This one is rather enigmic, as it doesn't say exactly the James and John
were Irish, but the entire stream seems to be stemming down from Antrim
families or Irish families, so I thought I would send it anyways.
The Nichol info is in Generation 4. This is a result of one of my PML
searches so the submitter of it and their email address is at the top of the
message, if anything sounds familiar, you would need to contact that person
directly, not the list.


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Descendants of James Dick

Generation No. 1

1. James1 Dick was born 1765 in County Antrim, Ireland, and died 1838.
He married Mary Dinsmore. She was born 1767, and died 07 Mar 1853.

Children of James Dick and Mary Dinsmore are:
+ 2 i. John2 Dick, born 1787; died 1880.
+ 3 ii. Robert Dick, born 1789; died 1882.
+ 4 iii. William Dick, born 1794; died 1870.
+ 5 iv. Thomas I. Dick, born 1793; died Bef. 1880.
6 v. Jane Dick. She married (1) William Moffett. She married (2)
John Southwell; died Bef. 1880.
+ 7 vi. James Dick, born 1802 in County Antrim, Ireland; died 1884.
+ 8 vii. Jeanette Dick, born 1809 in Indiana Co., Pa; died 1890.
+ 9 viii. Alex B. Dick, born 1810; died 1896.

Generation No. 2

2. John2 Dick (James1) was born 1787, and died 1880. He married Sarah

More About John Dick:
Resided/s: West Wheatfield Twp., Indiana Co., Pa

Children of John Dick and Sarah Griffith are:
10 i. Mary Jane3 Dick, born 1830; died 18851. She married Daniel
11 ii. Smith Dick, born 1832; died 06 Jan 19041. He married Hadassah
'Esther' Mabon; born 04 Feb 1828 in West Wheatfield Twp., Indiana Co., Pa.
12 iii. Margaret Dick, born ca 1832. She married Jacob Frankhouser.
13 iv. Isaac Dick.
14 v. Sarah Dick. She married John Bothel.

3. Robert2 Dick (James1) was born 1789, and died 1882. He married Jane
Lapsley 1823. She was born 1810, and died 1891.

More About Robert Dick:
Resided/s: 1880, West Wheatfield Twp., Indiana Co., Pa

More About Robert Dick and Jane Lapsley:
Marriage: 1823

Children of Robert Dick and Jane Lapsley are:
15 i. John3 Dick, born 1835.
16 ii. Sarah Dick, born 1837.
17 iii. James Dick, born 1839.
18 iv. Mary Dick, born 1841.
19 v. Hester Dick, born 1845.
20 vi. Robert Dick, born 1847.
21 vii. Thomas Dick, born 1849; died 1930. He married Sadie Ray.

4. William2 Dick (James1) was born 1794, and died 1870. He married
Isabella Nilson.

Children of William Dick and Isabella Nilson are:
22 i. Thomas3 Dick.
23 ii. James Dick.
24 iii. Minnie Dick.
25 iv. Female Dick.
+ 26 v. Margaret 'Maggie' Dick.
27 vi. John W. Dick, born 1829; died 1907. He married Isabella Sleppy.

5. Thomas I.2 Dick (James1) was born 1793, and died Bef. 1880. He
married Margaret Hice. She was born 1809, and died 1889.

Children of Thomas Dick and Margaret Hice are:
28 i. John Hice3 Dick, born 1835; died 1895 in Jackson Twp., Cambria
Co., Pa. He married Clarrisa E. 'Chrisey' Steetle.
29 ii. Mary Ann Dick, born 1820.
30 iii. Albert Dick.
31 iv. Madge Dick. She married E. Murry.
32 v. George W. Dick, born 1843; died 1863.

7. James2 Dick (James1)2 was born 1802 in County Antrim, Ireland, and
died 1884. He married (1) Ann Graham. She died Bef. 1880. He married (2)
Mary Stewart. She died Bef. 1880.

Children of James Dick and Ann Graham are:
33 i. Robert G.3 Dick.
34 ii. Annie Dick. She married Andrew W. Wilson.

Children of James Dick and Mary Stewart are:
35 i. John Stewart3 Dick, born 1835; died 1883.
36 ii. Thomas W. Dick, born 1839; died 1924. He married Lucy E. Kern.

More About Thomas W. Dick:
Military: Co. 'H', 12th Pa Reserve Corps

37 iii. Mary E. Dick.
38 iv. Wallace B. Dick.
39 v. Samuel S. Dick. He married Barbara Ella Bidelman.
40 vi. Lucinda Dick.
41 vii. Samuel Dick.

8. Jeanette2 Dick (James1) was born 1809 in Indiana Co., Pa, and died
1890. She married Thomas Love.

More About Thomas Love:
Will: Johnstown, Cambria Co., Pa

Children of Jeanette Dick and Thomas Love are:
42 i. Sarah Ann3 Love. She married Daniel Young.
43 ii. Margaret Love. She married Anmuon Walls.
44 iii. James D. Love.
45 iv. Thomas Wallace Love.

9. Alex B.2 Dick (James1) was born 1810, and died 1896. He married

Children of Alex Dick and Mary Kelly are:
46 i. Agnes3 Dick. She married Andrew Simpson.
47 ii. Elizabeth Dick. She married John Hood.
48 iii. James K. Dick.
49 iv. Thompson Dick, born 1865.
+ 50 v. John Kelly Dick, born 13 Mar 1846 in Indiana Co., Pa; died 1936.
51 vi. Albert Dick.
52 vii. Dinsmore Dick, born 1851. He married Millisia Mack.
53 viii. Robert Nelson Dick, born 1869.
54 ix. Harriet Dick. She married Joseph Alexander.
55 x. Sarah Jane Dick. She married Robert Phillips.
56 xi. Margaret Dick, born 1859; died 1945.
57 xii. Annie Dick. She married William Kissinger.

Generation No. 3

26. Margaret 'Maggie'3 Dick (William2, James1) She married Alexander
Robert Glassford. He died Bef. 1913 in Cherryhill Twp., Indiana Co., PA.

Child of Margaret Dick and Alexander Glassford is:
+ 58 i. Belle4 Glassford, born Unknown in Cherryhill Twp., Indiana Co.,
Pa; died Unknown.

50. John Kelly3 Dick (Alex B.2, James1) was born 13 Mar 1846 in Indiana
Co., Pa, and died 1936. He married Sue Pringle 04 Jan 1871.

More About John Kelly Dick:
Occupation: Undertaker, Huntingdon, Pa

More About John Dick and Sue Pringle:
Marriage: 04 Jan 1871

Children of John Dick and Sue Pringle are:
59 i. Alexander Kirby4 Dick. He married Blanche.
60 ii. Creola Dick.
61 iii. Charles Dick. He married Lyda.
62 iv. Infant Dick.
63 v. Clarence P. Dick. He married Jean.
64 vi. Pauline 'Polly' Dick. She married Paul Strafiff.

Generation No. 4

58. Belle4 Glassford (Margaret 'Maggie'3 Dick, William2, James1) was
born Unknown in Cherryhill Twp., Indiana Co., Pa, and died Unknown. She
married James Nichol3 Jul 1904 in Indiana Co., Pa, son of John Nichel and
Margaret Buterbaugh. He was born 12 Feb 1873 in Green Twp., Indiana Co.,
and died Unknown.

More About James Nichol and Belle Glassford:
Marriage: Jul 1904, Indiana Co., Pa

Child of Belle Glassford and James Nichol is:
65 i. Minnie Marie5 Nichol, born Unknown in Indiana Co., Pa; died


2. Arms & White, 1745-1880 HISTORY of Indiana County, PA, (Published by J.
A. Caldwell, Newark, Ohio 1880 Reprinted 1993), 309.
3. Prof. J. T. Stewart, 1913, 1913 INDIANA County, Pennsylvania, Her
Past and Present, (Publisher, J. H. Beers & Co., Chicago, Il), 1430.

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