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[ Note added by Michael Purcell 2012. the ref. in the last letter posted
here refers to the Battle of Aubers Ridge May 1915 and the Battle of Ypres
1914 + 1915. British offensives on the Western Front during the Great War,

In the Pat Purcell Papers there are at least 100 documents relating to
Crann / Cullen / Bunbury lands referred to in the previous post.
It may be of interest to Turtle and readers to know that in 1915
the administration of the house and lands ended up in the hands of Rev. Fr.
Hugh Cullen P.P. of Carlow-Graigue,( following his death the name Cullen
was added to Graigue ).
Included among the papers is a judgement delivered at Enniscorthy in
December 1881 stating that Mr Cullen's farm was about 160 acres with annual
rental of £385 payable to Mr Bunbury it continues "about 104 acres, has
been in possession of Edmond Cullen and his father for over 50 years at a
rent of £204 and the remaining 56 acres were held by Mr Hughes with annual
rent of £101. Cullen purchased Hughes's holding for £125 and became
under-tenant paying the middle man to Mr Bunbury for both holdings £288 a
year and when the middle man's lease expired in 1869 Cullen became tenant
to Mr Bunbury at the rent of £385. It appears that prior to the expiration
of the middle man's lease Cullen's father built a dwelling house and made
many other improvements to the lands. No allowance can be made to Cullen
for any improvements made by his father of himself prior to 1869 as neither
was a direct tenant to Mr Bunbury."
In 1915 the matter was the subject of a legal dispute when Fr. Cullen's
brother, Edmond, died and the lands passed to his widow, Ellen Genevieve
Cullen. The following letter dated 1916 from Capt. Hamilton Joseph Bunbury
to Fr. Hugh Cullen states :- " I will now make one final offer, which will
be withdrawn if not accepted within a week - under no circumstances can I
go further - Rent due £761 to March 1916 I will accept £600. This would
split the difference of £300 that is between us and the rent due to me to
be punctually paid in future.
The firm of Townshends, 15 Molesworth Street, Dublin acted as agent for
Capt. Bunbury and Mr John "Jack" Duggan acted as solicitor for Fr. Cullen.
Among the dozens of exchanges relating to this case are the following
letters from Rev. Fr. Hugh Cullen P.P. :-
Somerton House, Carlow-Graigue 1915.
Dear Mr Duggan,
no ! Impossible. The Holy Catholic Church, Apostolic and Roman forbids PPs
to involve themselves in any swindle legal or otherwise beyond a hundred
Bien à vous, ( signed ) Hugh Cullen P.P.
another letter addressed from the Grand Hotel, Tramore, Telephone No. 7 ,
dated 1915, reads :-
Dear Jack, [ Duggan ].
Remember me to Townshends ( Bunbury's agent ) tell them if I ever catch one
of them in the townland of Crann, Barony of Idrone West and County of
Carlow that they would be safer on the Aubers Ridge or in the Main Street
of Ypres.
Yours sincerely, (signed) Hugh Cullen P.P.

On 18 October 2012 21:48, Michael Brennan <>wrote:

> Supplement
> Other Craan And Cullen Deeds
> Vid Reportorium II. I pp. 188-9
> Extracts from the Registry of Deeds.
> 10th August, 1706. James Butler of Garryhunden, Co. Carlow, to Thomas
> Bunbury' of Cloughna, Co. Carlow, the lands of Cranovonan containing 461
> acres 1 P.M. for three lives venerable forever—23-128. 83195.
> 25th April, 1770. Thomas Bunbury of Dublin to William Bernard, lands of
> Cranvornan 168 acres for three lives or 99 years, said lands bounded on the
> east by Rathornan and on the south by Coolenekishe—295. 273. 196066.
> In a deed dated 1775 Bunbury to Ward, the holding of William Bernard is
> mentioned as a boundary to Ward's farm.
> Deed of tease dated 31st August, 1816, the Hon. Pierce Butler Cooper to
> Hugh
> Cullen of Prospect, Co. Kildare, lands of Rathornane, Co. Carlow, 69 a.1.
> 34
> with dwelling-house and outhouses for the lives of Thomas Cullen,
> aged
> 10, William Cullen, aged 6 and James Cullen, aged 2, all sons of said Hugh
> Cullen or 41 years—733. 207. 499942.
> Lease dated 16th January, 1821, William Bernard of Carlow to Garrett Cullen
> of Cranavonan a lease of the same lands of Cranavonan (as contained in the
> lease of 24th February, 1781 in Reportorium II. I. 188) for 48 years at the
> yearly rent of £251-6-0.
> Witnesses John Barrett, Gentleman, and John Brennan, Dealer, both of
> Carlow—758. 520. 515255.
> Deed dated 5th October, 1711, made on the marriage of Edmond Cullen of
> Parke, Co. Carlow, to Dorcas Dowling, daughter of Edward Dowling,
> Innkeeper,
> of Leighlinbridge—44. 369. 31015.
> 23rd November, 1711. Walter Weldon of Rahan, Queen's Co., to Edmond Cullen
> of Parke, Barony of Carlow, Co. Carlow, 181 acres in Parke in as full and
> ample a manner as then held by said Edmond Cullen for the lives of Edmond
> Cullen, Dorcas Cullen, his wife, and Ulick Wall of Carlow—13. 431. 6265.
> 28th June, 1718. Mortgage of the lands of Parke by Edmond Cullen to Joseph
> Bunbury—25. 244. 14839.
> Fr. Patrick Brennan, first bursar of Carlow College, 1812-17, who
> subsequently went as Adm. to Kildare where he was P.P. from 1823 till his
> death in 1864, was a native of Carlow town (Comerford I 185 and Onoc Beag
> Centenary Book, p. 87). The Brennan family who lived at Mageney Cross also
> came from Carlow town. A branch of this family went to Bohernaseer in
> Graiguecullen parish. The family was nearly related to the Brennans of
> Wells, Gormana, Tinnegarney and Clonpierce. Brigid Brennan of Bohernaseer
> was a sister of Fr. Michael Brennan, P.P., Stradbally, who died 31st
> October, 1902, and mother of Fr. Michael Bolger, P.P., Graiguecullen, who
> died 17th February, 1926.
> Luke Brennan of Gormana who died in April 1836 and other members of his
> family are buried under a flat stone erected by his son, Fr. Michael
> Brennan, P.P., Goresbridge, who died 11th April, 1851. The plot is between
> the family graves of Hughes, Sliguff, and Mahers, Donore, a few yards from
> the Epistle transept of Ballinkillen Church and in line with it, Sliguff
> adjoins Kilcruit, the home of Jack Brennan who was shot with Paul Cullen in
> Leighlin in 1798.
> Erratum. Reportorium Novum II. I. Edmund Kinsella in the middle of p. 199
> should read Garrett Kinsella.
> Source: Turtle Bunbury Oct 2012
> Regards
> Michael Brennan
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