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From: "Pam Kendricks" <>
Subject: [DONEGAL] Last of MI's from Finner Cemetery, Bundoran
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2002 20:02:28 -0600

Mary Josephine McBride, died 13th March, 1962; Sydney McBride, died 10th
March, 1969.

Erected by his work mates in memory of Patrick He(p)er, died January 17th,
1910, age not known.

48257 worker - S. Dunne, Q.M. Army Corps, 10th November 1918.

In memory of Private Patrick McLaughlin, F. Coy 31 A & S Highlanders, who
died at Finner Camp, 28th June, 1900. Erected by the officers NCO and men of
his company.

In loving memory of Mary Finley, Derry Herk, died 23rd April, 1931; her
husband Edward, died 20th October, 1939; Margaret Ann Finley, Ardfarna, died
19th May, 1963; Bridget Finley, Derryherk, died 5th November, 1965; Tommy
Finley, Ardfarna, died 2nd November 1986; Ellen Horgan, died 25th February,

Sacred to the memory of John Connaughton, late D.I.R.I.C. who died at
Bundoran 9th January 1918 aged 79

years; also his wife Hannagh, who died at Bundoran 26th March, 1920 aged 74
years. Erected by their sons Hugh, John and Edward.

In loving memory of Mary McGloin, Wardhouse, who departed this life 8th
December 1908 aged 72 years; also James and Winifred Gallagher and family
and Hughie Doherty. Erected by husband and family.

In loving memory of Daniel McCrossan, accidentally killed 19th August 1940
aged 38 years, and his baby daughter Kathleen who died 18th May, 1934; also
his wife Mary Margaret, died 13th April, 1959.

In loving memory of John Feely, Wardhouse, Tullaghan, his wife Mary, their
son Patrick, daughter Bridget and Margaret Feely; Mary Mulreany; Ellen
Mulreany; Kate Feely; Annie Stacy.

Mamie Dowdican, Gubacreeny, Kinlough, died 10th January, 1996.

In Loving Memory of Joseph Trainer; wife Mary Anne; sons Jim and Joe;
daughters Kathleen Mahon; Mary Mooney; grandaughter Rita Trainer; also James
and Catherine Heenan.

Pray for Michael Mulhern, Ardfarna, died 1st May 1923 aged 83 years; wife
Catherine Mulhern, died 4th November 1916 aged 85 years. R.I.P.

Pray for the Murray family, Drumacrin; grandson Craig Peter Moone, died 22nd
October 1979 aged 33 years.

Pray for Bernard J. Harte, Drumacrin, 31st October 1977.

Edward Carty, East End, Bundoran, died 15 Dec. 1946, aged 69 yrs; his wife
Mary, died 13th Aug. 1986, aged 95 yrs; their son Hugh, died 17th Dec. 1983
aged 65 yrs; their daughter Annie died 7th Sept. 1995, aged 79 yrs.

John and Brigid Murphy, Bundorn; their sons Joseph, Hugh, Sean, James.

Pray for the repose of the soul of James Campbell, who died St. Patrick's
Day, 1957; his wife Mary Ann, died 21st Feb. 1972; daughter Christina died
17th Sept., 1982.

Charles Gallagher, Bundoran, 22nd July, 1969, aged 33.

P.J. Gallagher, East End, Bundoran and Finner, died 11th Feb. 1956; Mary
Gallagher, 3rd March, 1974.

Names Boyle, Ardfarna, Bundoran, died 19th August, 1966; wife Mary Anne,
died 7th Oct. 1914.

Sacred Heart of Jesus have mercy on Rose Harte, Bundoran House No. 2, died
3rd Feb. 1946; husband Bernard Joseph Harte, died 26th Sept. 1912; Mary
Agnes Harte, died 1st Jan. 1940; husband James Harte, 13th Oct. 1956.

Agnes Connolly, Drumacrin, Bundoran, 13th Sept. 1946, aged 34; Joseph
Connolly, 15th March 1980, age 95.

In loving memory of Margaret Ferguson, died 25th Jan. 1945.

The McHugh Family, Bundoran.

James Teyhan, 1 Colm Terrace, died 18th Nov. 1984.

Bridget Wilson, Laureen, 26th Sept. 1953; husband John died 7th March, 1966.

John McGloin, Derrydruff, 16th Feb. 1928; wife Bridget, 16 July, 1945;
daughter Bee, 9th April, 1970; son James, 18th Nov., 1978.

Terry Rodgers, Duncarberry, 1st Dec. 1959, aged 77 years; wife Mary Ellen,
9th July, 1967, aged 80; son Michael 25th April, 1944, aged 27.

In loving memory, my father, John Rodgers, 27th Dec. 1903; my mother,
Bridget Rodgers, 20th Jan. 1917; my sister Mary Rodgers, 11th Oct. 1907;
Bridget Mary Rodgers, 2nd Aug. 1926; my uncle and aunt, Patrick Rodgers,
11th Oct. 1911; wife Catherine Rogers, 11th Nov. 1922. R.I.P. Erected by
Mrs. Margaret Morris.

Bridget Martin, Rock, Bundoran, died 12th Nov. 1976; her husband Patrick
Joseph, died 5th June 1989.

Maria Connolly, Drumacrin, died 6 Dec. 1967, age 87.

Ellen Spratt, died 12th Feb. 1955; husband Thomas Spratt, died 20th Jan.

Joe Eames, died 11th Nov. 1911, age 31; wife Rose, died 11th Dec. 1933, aged

Mary Barry, died 9th April, aged 24; also James A. Norton, died 4th April,
1953. Erected by John A. Barry.

Owen Feely, died 1st March, 1947; wife Kate, died 27th Sept. 1976.

Michael Carroll, died 31st July, 1925, agd 64; daughter Eileen, died 29th
April, 1935, aged 27; son Robert, died 3rd Feb. 1949, age 43; Also died May
26th, aged 69; wife Mary, died Jan. 6th, aged 81; Lilly, wife of Also, died
July 3rd, 1992, age 88.

Margaret McCoy, died 10th Jan. age 6 months; Betty McCoy, died 22nd April,
1940. Erected by their mother Margaret McCoy, Bundoran.

Marie Mulhern, died 20th Jan. 1947; Michael Mulhern, died 29th Feb. 1952;
also their infant children; also their niece, Annie McElroy, died 20th May
1939; Robbie Mulhern, died 26th March, 1975; Kathleen Mulhern, died 3rd
August, 1977.

Edward Quinn, Main St., Bundoran, died 21st December, 1981.

Margaret Doherty, died 17 Aug. 1949; Edward Doherty, died 4th Aug. 1965;
also his wife Mary, died 26th Aug. 1974.

Michael McHugh, White House, Bundoran and wife Ann.

John Mullan, died 1st May, 1957, age 78.

McDonnell family, Bundoran.

Anne McShany, 9th Oct. 1974, age 80; Also John and Charles German.

Theresa O'Gorman, died 1918; husband Charles, died 14th May, 1949; daughter
Theresa, died 2nd May, 1972; grandson Hugh, died 23rd July, 1970; son Hugh,
died 9th April, 1949; wife Mary, died 20th Dec. 1990.

No. 2818. Private Thomas McAtamney, who accidentally drowned at Bundoran,
10th June, 1910. Erected by the officers, N.C.O.s and men of the 3rd Tyrone
Battalion Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers.

In Loving Memory of Agnes O'Gorman, dearly beloved wife; James O'Gorman,
died 30th April 1915, age 28. The above James O' German died 22nd Dec. 1947
aged 79.

Mary McBride, died 22nd Oct. 1918, aged 50

Pray for Patrick McCaffrey, Bundoran, died 16th Feb. 1913; wife Mary, died
26th June, 1895, age 47 yrs; daughter Mary Margaret, died 21st May, 1895,
aged 19 yrs; Theresa died 7th Nov. 1895, aged 16 yrs.

01907 Private W. H. Pearse, Duke of Cornwall S.L.I. 12th Feb. 1920, age 19.

41 C Sergt. Major W. Mitchel, Army Gymnastic Staff, 13th April, 1917.

In memory of Private W. Prickett, drowned in River Erne when on Bathing
Parade, 11th July, 1907. Erected by the Company the Signallers, 4th
Battallion Royal Fusiliers.

16866 Private T. Clarke, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, 13th Jan. 1815.

In memory of Corporal Parfett, 1st The Connaught Rangers, died Finner Camp
4th July, 1903, born Cashan, Aug. 8th, 1864. Age 36 years. Erected by his

75521 Private T. Earnshaw, West Yorkshire Regiment, 15th Aug. 1918.

0865 Private G.F. Roberts, 12th Feb. 1920,aged 18.

0997 Private J. Laverty, Royal Inniskilling Fusilier, 30th April 1916.

K.J. Surridge, Private, 02290, Prince Charles Com. Duke of Cornwall's, L.I.,
21st July, 1920.

Private F. M. Mooncrieff, 1st Battalion A&S Highers, drowned 19th July,
1900, aged 19.

Mrs. M. Tierry, 8 Feb. 1949, aged 34.

Gilvarry Family, No. Magheracar.

Thomas Murphy, Bundoran, Dec. 13th, 1953; wife Margaret, died Sept. 19th,
1955; grandson, baby dolan, Aug. 1958.

John Burns, Cornaglach, died 1921; wife Anne (nee Ward), died 1930, erected
by ?Dolan.

Owen Dolan, died 27th Nov. 1865, aged 70.

James Dolan, Sep. 29th, 1763, aged 36.

Isabella Granagahn, died 14th March, 1973, aged 63; John Joe Granaghan, died
12th June 1980, aged 68.

Owen Rogan, 16th June, 1790, aged 27.

Edward Dowdican, Wardhouse; his wife Mary; also their daughter Sadie, died 8
Aug. 1980; their son John, died 23 June, 1992.

Michael Moohan, Drumacrin, Bundoran, died 4th Feb, 1907, aged 78; his sons,
Patrick and Noel, who died in infancy; Mary Anne, died 13th June, 1975.

Patrick Gallagher, Summer Hill, died 1st Jan. 1977; Mary Gallagher, died
26th Sept. 1971, and deceased members of the family.

John Scallon, died 12th August 1965; Bridgit (sister) 29th 12 1961; Patrick,
brother, 10th March, 1956. James and Ellen (cousins).

Erected in memory of Daly family, Bundoran and Mary Rose Daly, 25 July,

Elizabeth Campbell, 15th September 1946; Thomas(husband) 8th July, 1988, 91

Lavelle family, Eileen Lavelle, 18 June 1991; Willie (brother) 21 March,

James Johnston, died 25 December 1955; his wife Bridgit 5 April, 1958; their
daughter Anne, 24 January 1945.

Thomas Gordon, died 23 May, 1923, aged 63 years; Anne Gordon, died 18 July,

James O'Carroll, died 23 February, 1923; his wife Bridgit, died 4 July,

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