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From: Lindel <>
Subject: Re: [DONEGAL] McGOWAN
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2003 10:13:08 +1300
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Hi Pauline! There's a household in the 1901 census in College St,
Ballyshannon, consisting of Edward and Catherine with a son, Thomas
McGowan - Edward was a tailor.
This info was from a book called Exploring Family Origins in
Ballyshannon by Noel Farrell - he has a website at - it would be well worth getting
this book - he also has an 1865 map of Ballyshannon town which shows the
location of the house the McGowans lived in!
They moved to Townparks by 1911 - Edward and Catherine, with Thomas,
David, Edward and Sarah.
If you get the 1901 and 1911 census they will give you more info on the
family - the book contains an index only to the census...............the
1911 census will give you the names and ages as well as for Catherine,
how long she had been married and how many children she gave birth
to/how many were still living.............with those details you should
be able to located birth and marriage certs for them and then work your
way back from there.
Hope this helps!!

Pauline wrote:

>Hello everyone
>I have not posted to this list before but I was wondering if anybody could help me.
>I am searching for information about the McGOWAN family that originate from BALLYSHANNON.
>Here is what I know
>My grandfather Thomas Joseph McGowan was born in Ballyshannon (1900). He married Annie Patton about whom I have no information but believe she was also from Ballyshannon. Some of their children were born in Erne Street Ballyshannon.
>Thomas's father was Edward and his mother was Catrin (Catherine?).
>Thomas had two brothers, Edward and David who went to live in America.
>Thomas was a blacksmith and his father Edward may have been a tailor.
>Thank you
>North Wales
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