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Subject: [GALWAY] PART II Heanue ancestry letter
Date: Thu, 2 May 2002 09:25:30 -0500

I'm writing this second part of the letter word for word because I don't
know where this Thadeus fellow fits in. The letter was written in 1964 to my
granddad Henry Arthur Heanue (1911-1985, CT), by (I think, his cousin) Mrs.
Brigid Heanue Coyne of Renvyle. I will offer copies of the letter to any who
find a connection. The second part of the letter continues in her first

Thadeus Heanue married a Miss Roche. They had five sons, I never heard of
any daughters. Their names were Anthony, John, William, Bartholemew,

Anthony married Mary Lavelle, they had a son John and a daughter Ann before
she died. Both John and Ann were married before their father Anthony
remarried. Anthony then married Nora Mullen who bore 3 sons, Festy, Michael,
Pat and daughter Catherine.

Festy left no family. Michael left 3 daughters in Providence, R.I., and
Mass. Catherine, Mrs. Stephen Walsh, left 10 children in Pittsburgh, Pa.

John married Mary Concannon, their children Brigid, Mary, Joe, Nora, Stephen
and Joe. Brigid married John Canedy; they and their family are all dead.
Mary married Pat King, they are survived by a daughter Nora. Stephen married
Anne Heanue, a half-sister of your [my grandfather HA Heanue's] grandfather
John. Their children, Brigid, Joe, Stephen, Mary, James, Frank. Frank still
lives [1964] in Newton Center, Mass., and works for the Boston Globe. Mary
lives in No. Cambridge, Mass. Brigid, Joe and James are dead.

Joe had been married to Mary Joyce, their children Brigid [Mrs. Coyne of
Renvyle, the writer of this original article in 1964], Mary, John, Margaret,
Nora, Anne, Michael, Catherine.

Michael married Bessie Lydon and had Joe, John, Mary, Ann, Ellen, Louise,
Barbara. This family lives in Charlestown, Mass. Nora married Thomas Gibbons
and their children are Rita, Marie, Dorothy, Ann, Rose, Tom. They live in
Everett, Mass. John, Ann, Catherine, Mary and Margaret are dead. Nora died
Dec. 28, 1963.

Bartholemew, son of Thadeus, married Margaret. They had Ellen, Brigid, Mary,
Bartley, John, Anthony. Bartley went to Canada. Anthony married Ann Kane,
they had 4 sons and 4 daughters. All died but one son Bartley, Bartley
married Annie Hope. They had 6 sons and 3 daughters. All married in England
except Paddy who lives here. He is the father of Kathleen Heanue [she notes
that my granddad met her at the Renvyle House Hotel]. The other sons' names,
Tom, John, Williw, Mike and Bartley. The three girls' names, Mary, Nancy,
Barbara. The Bartleys are short for Bartholemew.

William, son of Thadeus, I don't know who he married but the children were
Willie, who went to Australia; Nora became a Mrs. John Daley in Pittsburgh,
Pa.; Ann died leaving a daughter (Mary?) who went to New York; Michael
married Sarah Connelly, they had 7 daughters who went to America and are all
probably dead. They also had 4 sons, Michael, Willie, Patrick, John. Michael
died leaving no family. Willie and John are in Boston. Willie had a son who
is a priest on some foreign mission. Patrick died leaving 5 sons and 4
daughters, Paul, John, William, Michael, Paddy, Nora, Eileen, Annie and
Becne [sp]

Michael, son of Thadeus, married Nora Kiely. They are dead and also their
families but there are grandchildren somewhere around Boston. They would be
children of Philip Coyne and Agnes Needham. There is also a granddaughter
Mrs. Nora Donnelly, some place in New york. She had a son, Joe, and daughter
Dorothy Donnelly.

John, son of Bartholemew, married Mary. They had sons Bartley, Michael,
John, daughters Eileen, Mary, Margaret, Brigid and Annie. Sons are all dead.
Only daughter left is Annie who is Mrs. Michael Lyons in New York. The
youngest son John married Margaret Hynes. Their children are Bartley, John,
Eugene, Paul, girls Mary, Angela, Annie, Martha, all in England except Paul.
Paul married Nov. 1963 and lives in the old home. [where could this be??]
Paul you met several times, once at the Ceili.

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