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From: "Riobard O' Dwyer" <>
Subject: I want you to give me all.
Date: Thu, 4 Nov 1999 00:39:27 -0000

I admire Mary's guts and straightforwardness. From the taken-aback and first-time-ever type of experience I have had with one unmannerly, little-cultured, and downright rude, arrogant ignoramus on the Kerry List (even though I have been on it only about a week), what she has said in her "I want you to give me all" email to the List was in need of saying. Since I have come on the List I have tried to be as helpful as possible to many people, even those well outside my "area" of research who could get no further in their search for their "roots" and who were looking for any guidance at all as to what to do next, or where to go. Apart from that individual with what looks to be a personality problem, the others I have met on your busy List have been a lovely, most-appreciative-of-help people ----- and Mary herself is doing an excellent job. RIOBARD.

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