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From: "Jeanne Richardson" <>
Subject: sharing info-Lucid,Leane,O'Donoghue,Corridan,Healy, etc.
Date: Thu, 04 Nov 1999 13:38:17 PST

As I wrote to Maureen, I thought of all the talk we do about sharing info on
this list, so here's the entire list of christenings I copied from the LDS
records. All are in Kerry. I always forget that I do have information that
may be interesting and useful to more than just me. SHARE YOUR STUFF!


ps-and Maureen, look, I realized I left out a few-JRB

John Lucid chr. 3/20/1833
(parents) Martin Lucid and Anna Lean

Richard Lucid chr. 7/1/1829
Matthew Lucid and Nora Hickey

Margaret Lucid chr. 3/30/1868
Richard Lucid and Mary Healy

Richard Lucid chr. 12/28/1868
William and Margaret O'Donoghue

Margaret Lucid chr. 8/30/1866
William Lucid and Margaret O'Donohue
b. 8/19/1866 Brosna

Martin chr. 3/5/1832
Michael Lucid and Mary Murphy

Martin Lucid chr. 4/2/1865
Richard Lucid and Mary Healy
b. 4/1/1865 Brosna

Mary Lucid chr. 1/19/1826
Martin Lucid and Sara Cahill

Mary Lucid chr. 11/30/1831
Gerard Lucid and Hannah Moynihan

Mary Lucid chr. 12/12/1858
Richard Lucid and Mary Healy

Mary Lucid chr. 11/23/1861
William Lucid and Margaret O'Donohue

Michael Lucid hr. 8/21/1831
Martin Lucid and Anne Leane

Michael Lucid chr. 7/31/1861
Richard Lucid and Mary Healy

Michael chr. 3/30/1863
William Lucid and Margaret O"Donoghue

Maurice chr. 9/10/1835
Michael Lucid and Anna Leane

Nora Lucid chr. 8/17/1839
Michael Lucid and Mary Murphy

Nora Lucid chr. 11/14/1859
Richard Lucid and Mary Healy

Nora Lucid cgr. 12/27/1864
William Lucid and Margaret O'Donoghue
b. 12/22/1864 Brosna

Richard Lucid chr. 12/12/1828
Martin Lucid and Anne Lean

Phillip Lucid b.10/10/1866
William Lucid and Johanna Lynch

Mary Lucid b.7/15/1864
William Lucid and Johanna Lynch

Mary Lucid b.4/2/1866
John Lucid and Honoria Grady

Michael Lucid b. 5/19/1865
David Lucid and Margrett Eagan

Catherine Corridan m. 3/3/1835 toThomas Griffin

James Corridan chr. 8/14/1835
Thomas Corridan and Mgt. Sullivan

John Corridan m. 2/5/1837 Nora McCarthy

Julia Corridan m.2/4/1837 Manus Mahony

Margaret Corridan m.2/25/1840 Maurice Griffin

Patrick Corridan m. 2/16/1836 Hannah Tanguiny

Hannah Corridon chr. 5/7/1843
John Corridon and Hannah Hennessy

Hannah Corydon m.2/17/1846 John Guinett

Bridget Corydon m.2/13/1833 John Long

Cath. Corridon chr. 7/9/1819
Thomas Corridon and Bridget Pendy

Deborah Corridon chr. 4/24/1865
James Corridon and Deborah Sheehy

Ellen Corridon chr.1/17/1836
John Corridon and Hannah Hennessy

Ellen Corridon m.2/15/1835 John Mahony

Ellen Corridon m.2/4/1837 Edmund Dooling

Johana Corridon b.2/5/1865
John Corridon and Bridget Mahony

Jas Corridon b.10/7/1841
Jas. Corridon and Mary Moloney

Elizabeth Corridon b.1852

Elizabeth Corridon m.c 1873 John Bunnion

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