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From: <>
Subject: Organizing
Date: Thu, 4 Nov 1999 22:12:24 EST

<< in Ireland.Your one up on me though,I don't have a lap-top.I go to these
places with a bag of papers and stuff so huge,you would think I had
my family traced back to the caves>>

If you are having a problem organizing your data and haven't gotten a
genealogy software program yet I strongly suggest doing so. It will help you
organize your thoughts, and goals and print out tidy charts, etc., of needed
stuff when you want to go to the library etc.
When I got mine in 1997, I researched on the Internet and read a lot of
reviews ... each program had its good points and special features, etc., but
I'd say over all from most reviewers far and away the suggested program was
Family Tree Maker... I recommend it ... with one caveat DON'T BUY THE DELUXE
version with all the CDs many of which are online free or owned by others who
do look ups ... just buy the latest version which is number 7.0 without all
the extra stuff ... it will save you a lot of bucks that way!

Now everyone... I don't think we need a big discussion of each of your
programs... I am sure they all have their strong points ... the point here
was to get organized (and the FTM program is a pretty good one to start with.)


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