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Subject: Re: Did people move from Cork to Kerry?
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1999 09:52:04 EST

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<< Sometimes people take the current legal
standards of free nations for granted, and assume that laws always
were fair. They were not, especially in Ireland before
independence. >>

Thanks for that clarification. I made the assumption that the ancestors in
question were Catholic, which in all probability they were. Also assumed
that others on the list have a basic knowledge of historical realities in
Ireland, as I do from both study and family accounts. You are quite right
that such may not always be the case.

I might add that genealogical research, in whatever country or region it is
undertaken, ought to be based on a balanced historical, social and
geographical awareness of the area of research. In Ireland the historical
record can vary even from town to town, with a lot depending on the
interactions of families - crucial of course to genealogical research. Often
an awareness of the historical role of families in an area can aid immensely
in arriving at genealogical hypotheses. Once headed in the right direction,
theories and family traditions can be either refuted or confirmed through
whatever evidence survives, preferably the primary documentary type.

Len Keane

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