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From: John Fitzgerald <>
Subject: Re: Famine Immigrants to Ireland
Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1999 13:47:12 -0500

Would that we could see three times the "morality" springing up anywhere on
this earth, but I think the last line of your quote was meant to be
"mortality." A common typo.
Sincerely, Jack Fitzgerald


> This web site reveals the plight of the thousands of Irish who sought
> sanctuary in Canada during the Great Famine.
> <>;
> The following is only a brief excerpt and among many other compelling
> contents of this site.
> Quebec, the 9th June 1847.
> "MY LORD AND VENERABLE BROTHER--The voice of religion and humanity
> imposes on me the sacred and imperative duty of exposing to your
> Lordship the dismal fate that awaits thousands of the unfortunate
> children of Ireland who come to seek in Canada an asylum from the
> countless evils afflicting them in their native land." . . .
> "Anchoring at Grosse-Isle, about 30 miles below Quebec, where they are
> compelled to perform a quarantine, the transatlantic vessels were most
> commonly infected with sick and dying emigrants. Last week at that
> station more than 2,000 patients, of whom scarcely more than half could
> find shelter on the island. The others were left in the holds of their
> respective vessels, in some cases abandoned by their own friends,
> spreading contagion among the other healthy passengers who were confined
> in the vessels, and exhibiting the heartrending spectacle of a morality
> three times greater than what prevailed ashore. . . "

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