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From: "Riobard O' Dwyer" <>
Subject: Storytelling .V. Genealogy research.
Date: Sat, 20 Nov 1999 11:10:53 -0000

Dear Kerry Listers,
After this morning's story about Judge Adams, please forgive me if I ask you for a little break for a while because for some time past I have been trying to write down the dates of Baptism, names of Priests who Baptised them, and the Godparents of every child born in two particular Parishes in the Beara Peninsula since approx. 1820. As I'm all on my own in the research, and as you can well imagine how faded the ink back in those days is now (and all written in Latin), the going is fairly tough ----- certainly a bit rough on the eyes. I thank the many good people who emailed me with their appreciation of the stories I sent to the List ---- in particular, there was a mighty reaction to my story "The Dream". Story-telling is an art of which I have ever only barely scratched the surface, as a big part of my life was (and is) given over to genealogy research which has brought me out into the highways and byways among the old people trying to preserve what!
I can while I can. To be honest with you, I don't deserve to be made an Honorary Seanchai at all, because I have a brother-in-law Batt Burns of Sneem, Co. Kerry, who is forty times better than I am at telling the stories of the olden times. Batt, a renowned Seanchai, is touring America at the moment, and his wife Maura (my sister) is complementing his numerous stories with the rendering of traditional Irish songs and playing traditional Irish music on the concertina. So, once again thanking you for your kind words, and hoping to find time for another little story for you sometime in the New Year, I'll sign off for the present and head back to the grindstone of eyestrain and patience-strain going through the old records like a monk in the ancient monasteries. RIOBARD.

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