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Subject: DENNEHY / CAHILL & JONES / ENRIGHT - Civil Death Registration availalable??? & Ballylongford families take note
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1999 12:39:00 -0500

I am still out here searching for my GG Grandparents
Jeremiah DENNIHY (father of Thomas DENNEHY) & Elizabeth CAHILL (DENNEHY - Co.
Cork by family lore)
To any one new to my notes - I think I have tapped out on all possible records
here in the US. (I have retrieved as many as i think exist - no townsname yet)

As i just noticed the NJ state archives cashed my $4 check for a search of Thomas'
marriage certificate,
I am hoping i will have a townsname in Cork finally in a soon to be delivered piece
of mail.
(((I tend to doubt it as the parish register in St. Peter's Jersey City did not
have it listed. My luck that this particular priest decided to just put "Ireland"
where as the other's put a town.)))

I wait with hopeful anticipation but .........

this is my next route???? you tell me.........

So my question is this:
I intend to work backwards and now start to search for the Death Certificates of
the parents.

Are these indexed at all after 1884 (like the births) and what do you think my
chances are?

Are they available at LDS sites or just from Ireland?

Is it worth giving a call to the 3 Registration offices in Cork to see what they
can come up with?

I may do the same for my maternal (x2) GGP's who came from Kerry.
Some strange matches from LDS point to the same area my Surname was from in the
years 1750-1775 onward:
Which I also have know many copies of different pages of tithes, griffiths and
a transcription (about 300-400 names of surnames of BR... and WR......)
of the Ballylongford Parish records
lots of Brandon, Enright, Brassil, Wren and other names show up. Especially
intersting were the sponsor names.


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