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From: <>
Subject: Re Need help
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 1999 17:49:11 EST

In response to my email NEED HELP on 1926 Reg of Electors Document

"my question was, could someone help me figure out what the lettering
entered in the columns below the headings might mean? "

Under Seanad column in the document is letter S
Under Dail column in the document is letter R
Under residence or property column are letters do (I assume this to be
Under franchise & local government column are letters O or HO
Under jurors column the lettering is either E - D or J
What do Seanmud and Dail mean

From: (Ciaran Quinn)

I'm not sure I can be of too much help, however perhaps the following may be

the Dail is the lower house of parliament in Ireland, the Seanad (Senate in
english) is the upper house. The Dail is the most important of the two.


Another reply
From: Linda6032
To: VeroBchBid

Bridget: In lots of old documents I see DO as an abbreviation for ditto.

Thanks all for helping.

I am still making inquires.
(I have the 1926 Reg of electors half done)
Still Looking for meaning of abbreviated letters E D J in jurors column
And the S and R letters in the Seanud and Dail columns
And what would no entry at all next to a name mean ??


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