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Subject: [KER] Gaelic 1
Date: Wed, 29 May 2002 17:01:15 EDT

For those of you whose ancesters emigrated in the 1800's they very well may
have been Gaelic speakers... for some it may have been thier primary
language. The earlier they left in that century (famine years and earlier)
and the more west they lived in Ireland (ie Kerry and especially the Dingle
Peninsula) the more likely they were Irish speakers.

I've collected a few Irish phrases along the way from various sources which
you will find below.

hope you enjoy them

mary, listowner

Go mbeannai Dia Meircea= God bless America
(pronounced guh mannee deea mercaw)

Go mbeannai Dia Eire = God bless Ireland

Geniriumbora lat
Best of Luck

Tog bog e' means "take it easy."

Togse fEin bog E. ! (You yourself, take it easy. !)
Tabhair aire [say: thure a-ri] = take care.

Beannachtai na FEile Padraig! Happy St Patricks Day
ban ock tee na Fay le Paw draig

"Ait an-speisialta" - a very special place.

Le gach dea-ghui i gcomhair na nollag agus na h-ath bhliana,
(With Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year)

Tiocfaidh ar la
Irish republican slogan, Gaelic for "Our day will come.''


Bristear an ceangal le Sasana, lan stad!
(Break the connection with England!)

"Tir Gan Teanga, Tir Gan Anam"
(A nation without a language is a
nation without a soul)

Slan agus beannacht! (Thank you very much!)

Sean Ti = old house

- Pog mo thoin!!
- Kiss my a$$!!
- Pogue muh ho-in

- Pointe Guinness le do thoil!
- A pint of Guinness please!
- Pyunta Guinness leh duh hull

- Go raibh maith agat
- Thank you
- Guh rev mah og-ut.

- CEad mile failte romhait!
- A hundred thousand welcomes!
- Cade meela fayl-teh row-ath

- Ta failte romhait
- You're welcome
- Thaw foil-teh row-ath

- Conas ata tu?
- How are you?
- Cunas a-thaw thoo?

- Ta mE ceart go leor
- I'm OK.
- Taw may cyarth guh lyor

- Sean is aimn dom.
- My name is Sean.
- Shawn iss an-im dumb.

- Ta post agat
- You've got mail
- Thaw pust noo-ah a-gut

- Slan!
- Bye!
- Slawn!

And after all these Irish phrases.......
- Ta cupla focal agam
- I have a little Irish
- Thaw coop-lah fuck-al a-gum

Dia duit (JEE-uh gwitch) Good day
Dia's Muire duit (juss MURR uh gwitch) Same to you
Conas ta tu? (KUNnus thaw TOO?) How are you?
Taim go maith. (TOM guh MAH) I am well
Dia annseo isteach! (JEE-uh unSHO ishchockh) God save all here! (This is said
on entering a house or's a group greeting)
Slan leat (slawn LAHT) (said to one leaving) Goodbye
Slan agat (slawn UGut) (said by one leaving) Goodbye
Slan abhaile! (slawn aWHILEyuh) Safe home
The Gaeltacht

A Chairde, =Dear Friends
Jane, a chara, = Dear Jane,
Tom, a chara, = Dear Tom,
Dia duit! = Hi there! (to one person)
Dia daoibh! Hi there! (to more than one person)

Scriobh chugam as BEarla, mas E do thoil E.
Write to me in English, please. (to one person)
Scriobhaigi chugam as Gaeilge, mas E bhur dtoil E.
Write to me in Irish, please. (to more than one person)
An fEidir le hEinne cuidiu liom?
Can anyone help me?

Gabhaim pardun agaibh as an teachtaireacht seo i mBEarla.
My apologies to you for this message in English. (to more than one person)
Nil moran Gaeilge agam.
I don't know much Irish.
Nil mE ach ag tosu ar an teanga a fhoghlaim.
I'm only beginning to learn the language.
Tuigim Gaeilge shimpli.
I understand simple Irish.

Go raibh maith agat!
Thank you! (to one person)
Go raibh mile maith agaibh as bhur gcunamh!
Thank you very much for your help! (to more than one person)
Ta mE buioch diot as do chunamh.
I'm grateful to you for your help. (to one person)
Go mEadai Dia thu!
May God prosper you! (to one person, serious thanks)
Go mba seacht bhfearr a bheas tu bliain o inniu!
May you be seven time better a year from today! (very serious thanks, to one
Ta failte romhat!
You're welcome! (to one person)

Ta an ceart agat.
You're right.
Nar lagai Dia thu!
More power to you!
Mo ghraidhin go deo thu!
Bravo! Good for you!
B'fhEidir go bhfuil an ceart agat.
Maybe you're right.
An dairire ata tu?
Are you serious?
Good Heavens!

Slan go foill!
Bye for now!
adh mor!
Le buiochas,
With thanks,
Beir bua agus beannacht,
Best wishes, Focal an Lae - The Word of the Day in Irish

Do do chairde - For your friends

Go raibh mile maith agat! [ga ra mi:l'a mah agat]
(May you have a thousand good things) = Many thanks!

Sonas ort! [sonas ort]
(Happiness on you) = Thank you!

Fainne oir ort! [fa:n'a o:r' ort]
(A gold ring on you) = Bravo! Thank you!

Maith thu! [mah hu:]
(Good you) = Good for you!

Mo cheol thu! [ma x'o:l hu:]
(My music you) = Bravo! Good for you!

Mo sheacht mbeannacht ort! [ma haext baenaxt ort]
(My seven blessings on you) = Bravo! Well done!

Nar lagai Dia do lamh! [na:r lagi: d'i:a da la:v]
(May God not weaken your hand) = More power to you!

Go maire tu! [ga mar'a tu:]
(May you live) = Congratulations! Live long!

Go dtE tu an cEad! [ga d'e: tu: an k'e:d]
(May you go (live to) the hundred) = Long life to you!

Bail o Dhia ort! [bal' o: ji:a ort]
(Prosperity from God on you) = God prosper you!

Rath DE ort! [rah d'e: ort]
(God's bounty on you) = God bless you!

Go gcuire Dia an t-adh ort! [ga gir'a d'i:a an ta: ort]
(May God put luck on you) = Best of luck to you!

Beannacht DE leat! [baenaxt d'e: l'aet]
(God's blessing with you) = God speed you (on your journey)!

Go n-Eiri do thuras leat! [ga n'e:r'i: da huras l'aet]
(May your trip succeed with you) = Have a successful trip!

Go n-Eiri an bothar leat! [ga n'e:r'i: an bo:har l'aet]
(May the road succeed with you) = Bon voyage!

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