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My Cantwell clan came from 'Comer as miners, we postulate to work in one of
the mines around Cass township, Schuylkill County, PA.

When I chart the average age of the families, the men and their families
were all long lived. Some listed their jobs as engineers (and possibly not
in coal dust all day).

I expect the mine management was hiring the experienced in technical roles
from Ireland mines during a downturn and the famine in many parts of



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I just received from a cousin (and fellow Castlecomer researcher) what is
for me an exciting discovery--a list of 1850-52 wages and work details for
my Richard LARGE (born in Gorteen 1826) from a mine near Tuscarora,
Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. Evidently, the miners often formed teams,
and some of these teams are listed. Since other Comer families emigrated to
this area at the same time (some on the same ship) as my LARGE's, I will
list some of the other names just in case they are Castlecomer people. If
any list member spots as ancestral name, please let me know. I have already
found one other possible Castlecomer area name: TOBIN. I had found a LARGE
and a TOBIN living in proximity to each other in the Comer area back in the
early 1800's, which seems to verify that some of the Comer families
emigrated or settled together. The other names listed: BROWNE, HARRIS,
HOLERN, Henry SOMERS, and Charles MILES. My Richard Large, his brother
John, the man "Tobin", and Henry Somers were all listed as "miners." My
guess is that these men rose from laborer to miner quickly because they had
worked in the Comer mines and were therefore experienced. Another theory to
be researched! Deb Deborah Large Fox This week's Topic:
Apostilles--International Certification of Public Documents

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