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Subject: Re: [LEITRIM] Johnston's Bridge
Date: Fri, 4 Apr 2003 10:36:36 EST

Mari at writes:

<< Although I have been to this place and believe it is in Leitrim, I cannot
find the placename listed anywhere in Leitrim record indexes. <snip> It is
very close to the Longford border, within bicycle-riding distance. >>


You're right on all counts. Apparently, the small "town" of Johnstonsbridge
has evolved since the Townland Survey in the 1800's. It is located about 2
miles east of Roosky, Co. Roscommon.....right about where the Cos. of
Longford, Leitrim and Roscommon meet. Johnstonsbridge has its own post
office and RC church. It appears that the P.O. is located in the townland of
Cloontumpher and the church in Knockadrinan townland. These are the two
townlands which comprise about all there is of Johnstonsbridge village, and
it's hard to be sure just where the PO and church are precisely located, as
the townland boundary runs right down the middle of the settlement. Less
than a half-mile by bicycle to the east, is a bridge over the Rinn River
which leads to Co. Longford. The bridge is called Johnson's Bridge (I don't
know where the "t" went).

Less than a mile south of Johnstonbridge, in the townland of Cloonmorris is
an early 13th century church with an Ogam stone at the entrance to the
graveyard - the only such stone in Co. Leitrim.

Pete Schermerhorn, in the glorious Berkshire hills of western Massachusetts

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