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Subject: Re: [LIMERICK] Odells in Limerick 16th & 17th centuries
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Some snippets on the Odell ( not O'Dells)

1). "In 1691 Capt. John Odell of Ballingarry, Co. Limerick was posted
with the Williamite militia dragoons at Athlacca, for the defence of
that area, most of which was in the possession of John Ormsby, a son
of a Cromwellian grantee. In the defence of Athlacca, Odell was
defeated in the battle by Col. Pierce Lacy."

2) Among the 68 gentlemen in the city and county of Limerick attainted
in the parliament of James (1689) was Charles Odell, esq., of
Castletownmaciniry (the Mac Eniry's been completely displaced in the
Williamite take-overs) ... some time after 1697 Charles Odell sold his
property at Castletown MacEniry to Charles Conyers, who had been
living there as a tenant. ( today it is just Castletown, but the
Conyers' managed to have the estate and townland named after them as
"Castletown Conyers)"

3). In 1829 John Odell and William Lloyd fought a duel resulting from
an insulting remark made by Odell, a Protestant (who had given a ride
home to Lloyd, a Catholic), about Lloyd's religion - these Odells, at
that time, were on a lease of land in the western part of Corcomohide
shortly after the confiscation of the lands of the Earl of Desmond
(Fitzgerald) in the latter part of the 16th. century. At the time of
the duel the main branch of the Odells were residing at the Grove ,
near Ballingarry. A number of Odell families also had their 'seats'
in Ballingarry, as well as an Odell family residing at Ballingarry
Cottage, in the parish of Corcomohide.

Births, Ballingarry (C.of I.):
1803, March 16, Odell, Thomas Alexander, his father John ( a late
Lieutenant in the Navy). Townland: Odelville
1804, Jun.02 , Odell, Anna Marie, her father John, Townland:
1805, Aug.06, Odell, Sarah, her father, John, Turrett St.
1806, Nov.23. Odell, Henry, his father, Thomas A. Townland:
1807, Dec.03, Thomas Henry, his father: Thomas A. Townland: Odelville.
1808, Mar. 03, Robert, his father,. Townland: The Grove.
1810, Nov.4, Odell, Sarah Pierce, her father: Thomas A. Townland:
1812, Apr.19, Odell, Samuel, his father Thomas A. Townland:
1813, Apr 16, Odell, Mildred, her father, Councellor. Townland: The
1814, Jun 26, Odell, Catherine, her father Thomas A. Townland:
1819, Jan ? Odell, Maria, her father Major Odell. Townland:
1819, Aug 25, Odell, Edward, his father, Robert. Townland: Ballyroe.
1820, Feb ?, Odell, Henry, his parents: Thomas/Amelia. Townland:
1822, Jan 27, Odell, Henry, his parents: Major and Jane. Townland: ?
1823, Jul 28, Odell, Alexander John, his parents:Thomas.a/Emilia.
Townland: Odelville.
1824, Apr 23, Odell, Anne, her parents: Major & Jane. Townland:
1825, Jul 17, Odell, Henry Crone, his parents: Robert Deane. Townland:
1826, Feb 23, Odell, Edmund Westropp, his parents: Major Thomas/Jane
Caroline Westropp. Townland: Ashborough
1829, Mar 25, Odell, Henry Edmond, his parents: Major Thomas/ Jane C.
Townland: Ashborough.
1829, Jun 12, Odell, William Fitzwilliam, his parents: Wm.
Robert/Catherine. Townland: Ballingarry.
1829, Nov 22, Odell, Wycherly, his father Capt. Robert D. Townland:
1831, Nov 25, Odell, Selina Sarah, her parents: Wm. Robert/Catherine.
Townland: Ballingarry.
1832, Jul 1, Odell, Caroline E. , her parents: Major T,/Jane Caroline.
Townland: Ballingarry.
1833, May 5, Odell, Isabella Catherine, her father, Robert. Townland:
1836, Jan 26, Odell, Helena Mary, her parents: John/Eliza H. Townland:
1836, Mar 6, Odell, Mary Charlotte, her father, John. Townland:
1837, Dec 3, Odell, Annette, her parents:Robert (M.Doc.)/Eliza.
Townland: Ballingarry Castle.
1839, 28 Apr, Odell, Emma, her parent: Robert ( M.D). Townland:
Ballingarry Castle.
1841, Jul ?, Odell, Robert William, his parents: Robert (M.D.)/ Eliza.
Townland: Ballingarry Castle.
1842, Sept 14, Odell, Edmund Cripps, his parents: Robert (M.D.)/Eliza.
Townland: Ballingarry Castle.
1843, Dec 4, Odell, Richard, his parents: Robert (M.D.)/Eliza.
Townland: The Castle.\
1845, Jun 8, Odel, Elizabeth Phoebe, her parents: Robert(M.d)/Eliza.
Townland: Ballingarry Castle.
1845, Dec 3, Odell, Melior(s?)a Dorothea, her parents: Thomas
Henry/Ann. Townland: The Cottage, Ballingarry.
1847, Jun ?, Odell, Thomas Alexander, his parents: Thomas, H./Ann.
Townland: The Cottage, Ballingarry.
1847, Sep 20, Odell, William, his parent: Robert. Townland:
1848, Sept 7, Odell, Emily Bloomfield, her parents: Thomas Henry/Ann.
Townland: The Cottage, Ballingarry.
1851, Mar 3, Odell, William, his parents: William/Mary. Townland:
1851, Apr 13, Odell, Phoebe, her parents: Dr./ Robert/ Eliza.
Townland: Ballingarry.
Marriages, Ballingarry:
1801, Apr 17, Margaret Odell ( Governess , Grove House, Ballingarry)
to John Browne of Danesfort.
1805, Jan 7, Thomas A. Odell / Miss Melios(r)a Browne of Danesfort at
Kilmacow Church
1808 ? 31 , Grace Odell, (The Turrett, Ballingarry) to Charles Smyth.
1819, Apr 29, Eliza Maria Odell( 4th. Dau. of William, The Grove) to
George Massy, Glenwilliam.
1828, Aug 27, Edmund Odell, Ashborough to Maria Bernard.
1828, Sep. 24, William Odell to Catherine Condon
1828, Nov 25, Sarah Odell to Henry Harte, of Gortroe.
1835, Jul 20, Henry Odell, Ballyhahill, to Thomasina Odell,
1838, Oct 29, Grace Odell ( Dau. of Major Thomas) to John Dowling, a
1841, Mar 10, Mary Odell ( Dau. Maj.Odell, The Grove) to Richard
Maunsell ( 2nd. Fusiliers), married in Croagh.
1841, Nov 1, William Odell, Askeaton, to Constance Scanlan, formerly
Ballyknockane ( now Kilbeg)


1818, Jan 4 Mrs. Odell, The Turrett, Ballingarry.
1818, Apr 9, William Odell, (Son of Col. William of The Grove,
1823, May 11, Henry Odell, son of Major Odell.
1823, Oct 10 Mary Odell, wife to Reginald William Butler Odell,
1824, Dec 4, Odell, Henry, son of Robert
1825, Feb 25, Odell, John, age 13, son of Thomas at Newcastle
1826, Apr 28, Jane Odell, Age 53, widow of William at Clonee.
1829, William Fitzwilliam Odell, son of Robert and Catherine.
1830, Dec 17, Col. Thomas Odell, aged 77.
1831, May 16, Revd. William Butler Odell, aged 84.
1832, Oct 28. John Odell, son of William and Sally.
1837, Nov 21, Catherine Odell, aged 30, wife to William Fitzwilliam
1838, Feb 16, Charlotte Odell, aged 43, of Cholera ( dau. of William)
1839, Oct 29, John Odell, aged 86, Ballyhahill.
1841, Dec 26, John Odell, aged 24, of Shannonview.
1842, Apr 30, Thomas Alexander Odell, aged 70, of Odelville.
1842, Nov 5, Catherine Odell, aged 79 of Ballyhahill.
1843, Mar 27, Catherine Odell, aged 28 of Ballingarry.
1845, May 3, Thomas Odell, aged 25, of Shannon View.
1846, Feb 25, Thomas Odell, Barrister at Law, aged 68 at Shannon View.
1847, Nov 5, Alexander Odell, Esq., aged 39, Ballyagran Cottage.
1849, Jan 24, Odell Meliora, aged 62, of Odelville.
1849, Jul 2, Mrs. Sarah Odell, aged 65, Ballingarry.
1851, Jan 25, Odell, John. aged 25 of Odelville.
1851, Dec 9, Odell, Eliza, aged 40 of Odelville.
1853, Feb 23, Crone Odell, aged 62 of Ballykevan.
1856, Oct 19, Richard Maunsell Odell, aged 72, of Ballingarry.
1861, Mar 8, Selina Odell, aged 24 of Ballingarry.
1865, Feb 16, Robert Odell, aged 56.
1865, Nov 24, William Odel, Pensioner, aged 67 of Killaheen.
1867, Feb 21, Elizabeth Ann Odell, aged 63, Ballingarry.
1869, Dec 24, Mrs. Anne Odell ( Crone) aged 86 at Rathkeale.
1871, Apr 18 Mrs Mary Odell, aged 80 at Morgans, Askeaton.

( Sources: From Bruree to Corcomohide, Mainchin Seoighe and "
Ballingarry, Granagh and Clouncagh, Co. Limerick - Archival Records,
Ed. Christy Kerins)


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Subject: [LIMERICK] Odells in Limerick 16th & 17th centuries

: Odells went to Ireland possibly in the 16th century, certainly in
the 17th century from Bedfordshire, England. Some perhaps with the
Plantations started in 1556. One, a Major John Odell born abt 1620 is
said to have gone over with Cromwell.
: Black Jack Bennerhasset states "the ancestror of the Irish Odells
married a sister of Cap't Thomas Spring of Castlemague, Co. Kerry.
This couple could be the grandparents of Major John Odell."
: Brian de Breffny in "The Irish Ancestor" notes that Major John's
mother was a Jane (possibly Mervyn) who after her husbands death (a
Mr. Odell, possibly and Edmund Odell) married 2ndly
: a Mr. Hawksworth and 3rdly Richard Bettesworth.
: Can anyone give me any more information on the Odells in Limerick in
this time period, or direct me to further sources?
: Eric H. O'Dell
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