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From: Barb Milburn <>
Subject: [IP] Tennyson Grove's papers-Muster-1720 page #2
Date: Sat, 01 Jul 2000 11:13:21 -0400

Parliamentary Collection Bundle 68, No. 1 in the Record Office, Dublin.
A List of the Palatine Families in Ireland at a Muster taken for six
months ending the 29th of September, 1720.

With Major Rand. Clayton at Mallow:
Fredk. HessMargt. Fock

With the Rt. Hon. Alan, Lord Visc. Middleton at Elfordstown, in the
County of Cork:
Fredk. BergeHenrick Meyer,senHenrick Meyer, jun.
Ann Kath. Walton

With the Rt. Hon. Thom. Broderick, esq at or near Middleton, in the
County of Cork:
Michl. JohanAndrew Schmidt

With Abel Ram, equ. At Ross in the County of Wexford
Kath. GollydayPhil. JeakleJohn Geo. Hartwick
John HessAnn JacobusGeo. Kough
Geo. HartwickKath. KoughJacob Jacobus
John Yern HornAnn MillerJacob Writer
Peter HofemanHans WriterGeo. Jacobus

With Abel Ram, esq. At Gorey in the County of Wexford
Mary AsbaghJohn PooleMathw. Sheafer
Philip AltimusJacob PooleGeo. Swartz
Hans Geo. CrouseWm PooleMathw. Tyse
Peter BernerHenry ReynholtGeo Wolf
Margt. GreenJohn RapellHenry Wise
(alias Ring)John Caspar RealJacob Wise
Mathew HofemanJacob RylingMary Young

With Edw. Lawndy, equ. At Muckeridge near Youghal
Katherine BisherneWalter BisherneJohn Bischerne

With Mr. Edw. Browne at Evelary in the County of Cork:
Phillip CrowPeter RichardMary Reessnach
John LongMichl. RichardJohn Bernd. Steeble
Hans RichardFrancis RichardRodolp Walter

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