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I wasn't aware that Dennis Ryan had come to America so early. Do you know if
he went directly to Central New York?

I will have to see if I can find him in the 1850 census for Onondaga County.
I have been trying to figure out why so many folks from the Upperchurch area
settled in the tri-county area (Onondaga, Cortland, Madison) of Central New
York. Therefore, I have been searching out the earliest arrivals. Your
Dennis now moves toward the top of the list. This list is far from complete.

Dennis Ryan (son of Phillip Ryan and Margaret Ryan) arrival in America -
late 1840s

Roger Ryan (Ryans of Cuyler) arrival in Pompey, NY 1848 (without family)

Edmond McGrath (my GG-grandfather) arrival in NYC Nov 1848 (without
family)in Pompey/Fabius area by 1854. Family consisting of wife Mary Ryan
and sons Michael William and John William arrived in NYC in Nov 1850.

Barney Ryan and wife Ellen Moloney arrived NYC May 1850, in Pompey prior to
Aug 1850 in time for census Sept 9, 1850.

Margaret Ryan (sister of Mary Ryan McGrath) married John Tobin at St. James
Church, Cazenovia
on March 8, 1854. Therefore she arrived prior to that date but didn't travel
with sister Mary in Nov 1850.

Phillip Ryan and Margaret Ryan (parents of Dennis) arrived Fabius late 1854
or early 1855.

Your Dennis and his brother Thomas were living in Dane Co. WI in 1866. Do
you have any ideas why they choose that part of the country? Do you suppose
that there might have been Upperchurch ties out there?

There is another Philip and Margaret Ryan family associated with
Gleninchnaveigh (Glown). They can be found on
p. 204 of "The McGrath Family of Truxton, New York," a PDF document found at
I received this information from Dick Barr of Syracuse, New York and he
received it from the Upperchurch parish priest Father Daniel J. Ryan in a
letter dated 24 August 1989. The original letter didn't mention the Glown
connection but I found that in June 2000 when I was looking at the
Upperchurch parish records at the National Library of Ireland in Dublin.
Their son Patrick's baptismal entry listed Gleninchnaveigh as their place of
residence. One of Patrick's sponsors was a Mary Ryan who might be Edmond
McGrath's wife (my GG-grandparents). Among the other sponsors are a
Catherine Ryan who is possibly Mary Ryan’s sister and there is Rody Ryan who
might have been the same Rody was a witness at Edmond and Mary’s wedding at
Upperchurch in September 1841.

The Roger (Rody) Ryan, from who the Ryan's of Cuyler, NY are descended, has
been determined to be related to either Phillip Ryan or Margaret Ryan (the
first ones that you mentioned), and their gravestones in the Immaculate
Conception Cemetery, Pompey, Onondaga Co., NY stated they were born in
Gleninchnaveigh. Due to the Glown connection this might be the same Rody as
above. This Roger came to America in 1848 and is found in the 1850 census to
be without his family who joined him later.

There are several people on this list whose ancestors have an association
with Ryans and Glown. The head of the present Ryans of Glown is Con Ryan who
we have determined is my 5th cousin once removed (see 57 in "The McGrath
Family of Truxton, New York"). He traces his ancestors back to the early
part of the 1800s (see p. 55) to John Ryan and Eleanor Kennedy (of
Glentroe). Ellen appears in the Tithe Applotment records of 1828 (p. 16).
This means that all the extra Ryans probably spread out into all the
adjacent townlands around Glown until they left for other parts of the
world. I can see I am going to have to re-examine some of my old notes to
see who was living next door.

Enough for now.

Mike McGraw

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Wonderful List - Mike! I sure hope we can straighten these Irish ancestors

My GGGGrandfather was Philip Ryan (b. abt 1788 in Gleninchnaveigh,
Upperchurch, -d. 1858 Fabius NY). Married Margaret Ryan (b. abt 1790
Gleninchnaveigh, Upperchurch - d. 1879 Fabius) in Ireland and came to
Syracuse, NY area about 1850's with a large family that was born in the
Upperchurch area.

GGGrandfather was Dennis Ryan( b. Nov. 1818 in Tipperary - d. 1905
Wisconsin). Married Johanna Ryan (b. Drumbane - d. in Ireland) He came to
the Syracuse, NY area abt. late 1840's and his children came later.
Married second wife Julia Moan in Syracuse, NY, Oct. 1855. (b. abt 1833 in
Tipperary - d. 1879 Wisconsin) and migrated to Wisconsin in 1856.

GGrandfather was Thomas Ryan (b. Jan 1856 Syracuse, NY - d. 1897 in
Wisconsin). Married Margaret Stanton

I have more information available.

Karon Hamilton

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