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From: Elizabeth Walker <>
Subject: [IRL-TIP] Re Pat Connor's Headstones - Carey (Brownlee & Hogan)
Date: Sun, 27 May 2012 16:38:51 +1000
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Good afternoon Pat, from sunny, wintry, Australia,

I noticed in your photographs of headstones, one for a Carey person.
I am a descendent of a Margaret Carey who left Ireland though Cork with
a Julia Carey - presumably a relative, to go to England to join a ship
to come to Australia under a scheme to bring single young women to this

My question is, can you tell me if the surname Carey is more or less
restricted to one county, as I think Hogan is to Tipperary? My
ancestor Denis Hogan, came from somewhere in Tipperary to Australia in
1832/3, as a convict, but we don't know what he did to be sent here, and
it seems he might just have been in the wrong place, at the wrong time.
Nor do we know the names of his parents.

Margaret Carey and Julia Carey left Ireland, ca 1833 to join one of
the Female Immigrant Ships leaving England for Australia, not long after
Denis arrived here, and I have wondered if Denis and Margaret might have
known each other, before Denis got into trouble in Tipperary.

Denis and Margaret married in 1842, after the birth of their second
child - my gt. grandfather, John Hogan. Julia Carey married James
Brownlee, I think in 1834. Denis Hogan died in 1850 and Margaret died
in 1853 - their four children were put into care - I presume a Catholic
Orphanage. The youngest boy, Timothy, died in the 1840s, the girl,
Mary, we have no further knowledge, but I was told years ago that
someone in the Hogan family became a Nun, so this might have been Mary
b. 1845. The other two boys, James and John (my ancestor), died in the
1890s, both leaving big families.

I have a little bit of info on Julia and James Brownlee, and they had a
terrible time, caught in a huge grass fire, and I think one of them died
from their wounds.

Liz Walker (nee Hogan).
Lake Macquarie, Aust.

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