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From: "Ed Butler" <>
Subject: [WEX] Butlers in Wexford/Waterford
Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2001 15:04:41 -0400

Dear List,
I am trying to make a connection with any Butlers in the counties of Wexford or Waterford who may be able to connect with the following information.
At the time of the formation of the Restoration Irish Army, 1660. George Butler was made a Coronet in the Duke of Ormonde's foot company in Duncannon Fort, Wexford. He stayed in the army until his death in 1686. During this period it appears that although he moved around Ireland to different posts, he periodically was reassigned to Duncannon. Because of this it also appears that he made his home base and place of permanent abode in Ramsgrange, which is only about 2 miles or so from Duncannon Fort.
Upon his death it is supposed that either his family moved back to his wife's home in Dublin, or the family remained in the general area of Ramsgrange in southern Wexford.
His wife's name was Anne. Her maiden name was Smith. His children were, George, William, Robert, Jane and Anne. It is known that his daughter Jane married a man with the last name of Briver. The family was protestant at this time, but that does not preclude a change of religion in later generations.
I have long suspected a connection with the Gorey Butlers because of a near duplication of first names that that family has a history of, but have not been able to find any proof of this.
It is also quite possible that members of the family relocated over the years to County Waterford, it being so close to Ramsgrange.
If any of you Butler researchers that go as far back as the late 1600's or early 1700's have any information that coincides with the above description please contact me. I have a history of the family that goes back to the 1500's for you. Also you might want to know where your family was located prior to George Butler of Ramsgrange. It was Donegal.
Hope to hear from someone, my email is ................Ed Butler

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