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From: "Kathleen McKee Cook" <>
Subject: Re: [Wicklow] reposting interests: Aris Brass Sherwood, + more in Co. Wicklow
Date: Sun, 16 Jun 2002 10:22:16 -0600
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I couldn't let this one go without adding a comment. My Great grandfather
(Thomas Watkin Jones) was a very good friend of the SHERWOOD Family of
Redcross (Co. Wicklow) and Aris Brass SHERWOOD. The JONES family lived close
to the Castlemacadam Church in Avoca & Wooden Bridge. Their house was called
"Knocknamohill". I visited there several years ago. I have many letters
written back home by Thomas when he was in boarding school and then when he
moved to Toronto, Canada. Aris Brass SHERWOOD is mentioned numerous times,
he called him "Brass". Also a Harry, George, Thomas, and Dr. SHERWOOD
mentioned. When writing to "Brass" he signed his letters Your Attached
Cousin. I see I have made a note in pencil on the side of one of the
letters that says "Cousin G.E. SHERWOOD" also another note that says George
Brass SHERWOOD of Redcross, buried Kilbride 16 Aug 1872. Kilbride is very
close and I know there is a Kilbride cemetery. In one letter dated 27 March
1870 writing to his brother back in Ireland Thomas says "Tell me when you
write again, all about the SHERWOODS of Redcross and how they are doing
since the poor old doctor's death.

I also have HUDSON in Arklow which is very close to the same area in the
above paragraph, and others listed below, all in Co. Wicklow.


in Montana USA

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Subject: Re: [Wicklow] reposting interests: Hunt, Evans, Borbridge,Sherwood,
Manifold, Brass, Nickson and more!

> Hi Deb!
> I have only one Annesley connection and it is Mary Annesley
> who married Aris Brass Sherwood, MD. They were married in 1834. He
> died in Redcross in 1869 and was born in 1805. I don't know of any
> children. Aris is not a direct connection at all but I like to fill
> in gaps! He is my 1c5r. The name Aris intrigues me also- I have
> many Aris' in my ancestral family- 7 Aris' all told.
> Anyway, let's see what we have! Take care, Judy
> >Dear Judy
> >
> >Your list names appeared today and I'm intrigued that you have Annesley
> >connections as I don't see this name very often.
> >
> >My connection is through my 3x gr grandmother, Jane Annesley of
> >Dunganstown, Co Wicklow who married William Chamney of Ballymoat,
> >Co Wicklow at St Kevin's Church of Ireland, Dunganstown in 1826. The
> >witnesses at the wedding were Samuel Annesley of Castlemacadam and Elenor
> >Annesley of Arklow. I think that Jane's parents may have been Richard
> >Elizabeth and Richard died in 1832.
> >
> >I have transcribed Annesley entries from the parishes of Glenealy,
> >Dunganstown, Rathdrum and Redcross and have the Annesley entries from
> >Griffith's Valuation for some of those parishes.
> >
> >Perhaps we can help one another. Will look forward to hearing from you.
> >
> >Regards
> >
> >Deb Flanagan
> >Christchurch
> >New Zealand
> >
> >
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> >Subject: [Wicklow] reposting interests: Hunt, Evans, Borbridge, Sherwood,
> >Manifold, Brass, Nickson and more!
> >
> >
> >> I am reposting my research interests for Wicklow. I would like to
> >> see if any of these names are familiar in anyone's family history. I
> >> would love to hear from you! And I love to share! Other names of
> >> interest are: Brownrigg, Godkin, Doyle, Marsden, Revell, Hudson,
> >> Wardall, Annesley, Finch, Rhames, Mountgarrett.
> >>
> >> Hope to hear from someone! Judy
> >>
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