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The realisation that beneath the Poulaphouca resevoir is buried 6,500 acres
of north-west Wicklow, beneath the captured waters from the Liffey and Kings
River, lies much of the doomed valley, all to create a necessary water
catchment for the Dublin city.
In the areas untouched by landlord or Land Commission survivals of older
land systems were evident. An insight into cluster origins and associated
land regimes is provided in Ballinahown townland. Here, in the recent early
years of the century 185 acres had been divided among two members of the
Quinn family who decided to hold it in common. By 1939 a cluster of three
houses, housing three related Quinn families, had evolved: John ( senior)
John Junior his son, and Joseph a brother of John senior.
The land was allocated in three unequal shares, these shares known locally
as "stints" gave each a share in the fields thereby equalsiing land quality
but not land area.
John senior, had a half share in each division, whereas the other two his
son and brother had a quarter share each......
The element of compulision and the rapidity with which the ESB (Electricity
people) moved to secure possession awakened dormant inmages of Cromwells
soldiers and rapacious landlords.
Landowners were dismayed by the valuation placed on their farms, the semi
state body measuring value in purely monetary terms. The arbitrator was the
devil and the court was hell". they were evicted whether they wanted to go
or not.The unavailability of land commission documents relating to the
migration process means that there is no official list of people evacuated
and migrant numbers have been inferred from the number of houses submerged.
Many argued they would lose a family home that rooted them to this valley
for generations past the family of Shannons having lived there for over 600
The water came It was a necessary evil but it was needed .......the towns
were flooded and below is some of the people who took there cases to the
compensation arbitration
John Quin Senior John Quinn Junior Jospeh Quinn Patrick
Clark John Mahon Mrs Margaret Murphy William Hamilton
Miss Esther Shannon James Cullen senior Michael Parker
Patrick Browe Martin White Patrick J Lawlor Mrs Julia
John Rowel
and this is a list of names of those who were relocated
Patrick Clarke from Ballinahown moved to Broadleas Commons Co Kildare
John Quinn senior from Ballinahown moved to Ballymore Eustace
John Quinn Junior from Ballinahown moved to Donadea county Kildare
Mathew Reid from Ballinahown moved to Clondalkin County Dublin
Mathew Lennon fromBallinahown moved to Lackan
Patrick Short from Ballyknockan moved to Annacarney
The Cahills from Ballyknockan moved to Carrigacurra
The Kehoes from Ballyknockan moved to Carrigacurra
The Conlons from Ballyknockan moved to Carrigacurra
The Mulvey Sisters from Ballyknockan to Ballyknockan
John Dargle from Ballyknockan to ballyknockan
James Byrne from Baltyboys Lower to Baltyboys Lower
Jock Byrne from Baltyboys Lower to Burgage More
Essie Shannon from Baltyboys Lower to Broadleas common Co Kildare
Joseph Tyrell from Baltyboys Lower to Baltyboys Lower
James Butler from Baltyboys Lower to Donadea, county Kildare
The Cahills from Baltyboys Upper to Harold's Cross Dublin
Patrick Fitzpatrick from Baltyboys Upper moved to Baltyboys Upper
Patrick Shannon from Baltyboys Upper to Dublin
John Mahon from Baltyboys Upper to Eadestown Co. Kildare
Michael Twyford from Baltyboys Upper to Kilmurray Baltinglass
The Browns from Butterhill to Baltyboys Upper
The Floods from Humphreystown to Humphreystown
The Bolgers from Humphreystown to Humphreystown
Christy Miley, sister & mother from Monamuck moved to Crosscoolharbour
James & Miles Fleming Monamuck moved to Geoghanstown, Brannocktown
Joseph Quinn from Monamuck moved to Valleymount
The Mileys from Lackan moved to Tober, Dunlavin
Edward Miley from Lackan moved to Gormanstwon, Dunlavin
The Lawlors from Lackan moved to Mullycagh, Hollywood
The McLoughlins from Lackan moved to Donadea County Kildare and one to
Kylebeg Lackan
The Browes from Lackan moved to Ballinastockan
The Cullens from Lackan moved to Donadea County Kildare
Jack Carroll from Lackan moved to County Meath later Glashina
Patrick McDonald from Valleymount moved to Valleymount
Ed & John McDonald from Valleymount moved to Myllycagh Hollywood
The Callaghans from Valleymount moved to Ballinastockan

Dammed water dramatically changed the geography of the valley. Ballinahown
townland was lost and with it the bog road linking Valleymount and
Ballyknockan villages.Migration did not necessarily improve the economics
prospects of those relocated and rehoused * Julia Quinn of Ballinahown,
relocated to a farm in County Kildare knew that her more fertile land would
be rated more than seven times higher than her Wicklow farm........but what
price do you put on heritage?


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