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Subject: Isbill and Isbell = Asbell ?
Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 05:36:06 -0400

I'm looking for an ISBILL or ISBELL who may know about a connection
John Isbell (1640 - Virginia) and the Asbells of England.

------------------------------------from an internet search for

<Picture>Photo (below): Page from a Leicester County Parish Register
(This is the earliest known record pertaining to an Asbell. It dates from
1588.) [Reproduced with the kind permission of the Rev. H. R. Court,
Rector, The Rectory, Upper Church Street, Syston, Leicester, England. The
original register is in the care of the Leicestershire County Record
Office, Leicester, England.]

<Picture: Page from a Leicester Co. Parish Register>

The English Asbells/Asbills

The page on the right is from a parish register for Queniborough Parish,
Leicester County, England, which shows the earliest known record
pertaining to an English Asbell. It dates from 1588, the same year that
the English defeated the Spanish Armada. It is the marriage record for
William Asbell and Margaret Bennyt. The record is on the second line from
the bottom of the page and simply reads, "William Asbell and Margaret
Bennyt were married on the 4th of May 1588." This was one hundred years
before the birth of Martin Asbill (1688-1741), the first American
The theory that some Asbell/Asbill family researchers are currently
working with is that the English Asbells/Asbills were anusim, or Jews who
were forced to embrace Christianity. From the Expulsion of 1290 until the
1656, Jews were not permitted to live in England. What few Jews that did
enter the country were forced to become Christians. The records that
family researchers have accumulated so far would indicate that the
Asbells/Asbills appeared suddenly in England and that they were few in
number. The Asbells/Asbills probably arrived in England in the
middle-to-late 1500's. Marilyn Asbill Thompson searched the national
birth register at St. Catherine's, London, and found no Asbells/Asbills
born since the time the British government took over the recording of
vital statistics from the Anglican Church. The last record of an
Asbell/Asbill is for a Charles Asbell (Asble), who was born in Leicester
County in 1844.

The family name may have lived on in the forms of Isbell and Aspell.
There is an effort to contact family researchers in England working on
these two names to see if there is a connection. The Isbells/Isbills are
probably related to the Asbills. There are records for a John and a
William Isbell who came to Virginia in 1667 from England. They were
brothers and worked as surveyors for the Crown. If the Isbells and the
Asbills are of the same tree, the split occurred in England before the
colonization of America.

The following records are taken from the International Genealogical Index
and are listed in chronological order.

William Asbell1
Marriage to Margaret Bennyt
4 May 1588
Queniborough, Leicester Co., England

Margaret Asbill1
Marriage to Edmund Fitchet
12 July 1590
St. Julian
Norwich, Norfolk Co., England

Henry Asbill
Marriage to Elizabeth Storey
3 Aug 1623
Saint Julian
Norwich, Norfolk Co., England

Richard Asbolle (Father: John Asbolle)
Bedford, Bedford Co., England

Annas Aisbell
Marriage to Miller Hodgson
9 Jul 1662
Orton, Westmorland Co., England

Thomas Asbell [Aisbell]
Marriage to Margarett Forth
2 Dec 1680
Uldale, Cumberland Co., England

Thomas Asbill1 (Father: Thomas Asbill)
18 February 1691
St. Katherine by the Tower
London, London Co., England

Edward Asbell (Father: Bartholemew Asbell)
19 Mar 1710
Gateshead, Durham Co., England

Adam Asbell [Asebel] (Father: Thomas Asbell)
22 May 1720
Chester, Le Street, Durham Co., England

Thomas Asbill1 (Parents: John & Jane Asbill)
27 October 1777
St. Sepulchre
Newgate, London, London Co., England

Elizabeth Asball [Aspell] (Spouse: Joseph)
Leicester Co., England

William Frederic Asbell (Parents: Thos. & Elizabeth Asbell)
3 August 1801
St. Mary
Hinckley, Leicester Co., England

Thomas Aisbell (Father: John Aisbell)
Northumberland Co., England

Ellen [Eleanor] Asbell (Parents: John & Mary Asbell)
21 Jun 1811
Ballymoney Parish, Antrim Co., Ireland2

Letiche Asbell (Father: John Asbel)
18 Sep 1815
Carnmoney, Antrim Co., Ireland2

Jane Asbel
Marriage to William Thornton
17 Sep 1817
Saint Mary & Saint Peter Martin
Bedford, Bedford Co., England

Elizabeth Asbill
Marriage to Joseph Bowman
19 Feb 1826
Mattishall Burgh, Norfolk Co., England

John Asbell (Spouse: Margaret Smiley)
Antrim Co., Ireland2

Charles Asble
6 May 1844
Castle Donnington, Leicester Co., England


1. Copy of original record is in the possession of Delmar R. Asbill, 317
E. South Street, Tahlequah, OK 74464-4024, U.S.A.
2. The Asbells of Antrim Co., Ireland, are descendants of the Loyalist
Asbells of Georgia. There is a Michael Asbill who appears on the 1870 and
1880 censuses for Dade Co., Missouri. His place of birth is given as
Ireland. According to the information that George Bennett had, Michael
was from Ballymoney Parish, which lies in what is today Northern Ireland.
Bennett says that Michael's father, John Asbell, Jr., was born in Georgia
in 1780. He (John, Jr.) went to England with his father, an officer in
the British Army, at the close of the Revolutionary War. John, Jr., also
became a military man and retired from the army after the Napoleonic Wars
and settled in Ballymoney Parish in Antrim County, where he had two
wives. The second wife, Margaret MacIntire, bore him five children, most,
if not all, of whom emigrated to the United States and settled mainly in
the Boston, Mass., area.
It would appear that this John, Jr., was the son of the John Asbell (b.
ca. 1730) who was the son of Martin Asbill (Asbell). John, Sr., served
under Oglethorpe and received a Crown grant in Georgia. The family of
John, Sr., seems to have all but disappeared from Georgia after the
Revolutionary War. The Loyalist connection may explain why. Most
Asbells/Asbills in Georgia today are descended from Aaron Asbill, who
moved from North Carolina in 1799 and settled in Edgecomb Co., S. C.
Later, several of his children moved across the Savannah River into
Georgia. There are some Asbells in Georgia, however, who are not directly
connected to Aaron's descendants, but who may be descended from other,
older children of the Loyalist John, Sr., perhaps from his eldest son,
Isaac, who may have stayed in America.

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