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Subject: [IoW] Interests for IOW Family Search: COOPER; DYER; HULL; SMITH
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2003 07:17:49 +1000
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Hello List,

My name is Ron COOPER (1949-) and I live in sunny Mulgrave about 22kms S.E.
of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia, with my lovely wife Colleen nee
KILLEEN, (Irish descent naturally, ancestor Patrick KILLEEN emigrated in
1857). We have two strapping sons, one of whom Chris (29) is working in
London and anticipates visiting the IOW, before he returns home - albeit he
is leaving it a tad late. Our younger son, Robert (26) lives and works

I (5) migrated to Australia in 1956 from Ventnor, IOW with my parents and
two brothers David (7) - now living in Kodiak, ALASKA USA and Grahame (3)
now retired in St. Helens Tasmania, Australia.

My parents:
Frederick William COOPER, (1920-1989) and Beryl nee FACER (1928-) Note:
Beryl's Mum, Clara Florence FACER managed a boarding house on the foreshore
in Ventnor, (its name/address I do not know), after she was evacuated from
Birmingham to Liverpool with her two daughters, Sylvia (1926- now Sylvia
STRANGE when she married Dennis STRANGE (1922-) on December 8, 1945) and
Beryl (1928- ), after her home was bombed, killing her husband and two sons.
Clara accepted a business opportunity to work in Ventnor, where she married
a local man, Albert SMITH on September 28, 1946 at St. Catherine's. Note:
Alb SMITH worked on the Ventnor City Council, in what capacity I do not
know - but I think outdoors.

My parents:
Frederick William COOPER, (1920-1989) and Beryl nee FACER (1928-) also
married at St. Catherine's and also in 1946 on December 11, Fred's birthday.

Note: My Dad, Fred and Uncles Harold and Reg, used to write to a local
Newsletter, the Maple Society, (Inaugurated 29-10-85), between 1986-89 of
whom the Founder was a A.H. BAILEY and the Editor, Peter H. GOODBODY - does
that ring any bells with anyone on the list? Do you know if this newsletter
has been scanned and saved, as although there are a lot of ramblings and
reminiscences, a lot of text came from my father and uncles, long before I
was aware that they were writing to it?

Dad's father, Ernest Edward COOPER:
Lived at 1 Wargrave Villas, Albert Street Ventnor IOW and continued his
father's, (Henry Alfred COOPER), Coal & Wood business. Ernest Edward COOPER
(May 12, 1887 - April 29, 1934) married Emily "Emmie" Priscilla DYER (May
24, 1885 - November 20, 1960) from Sandown, IOW married Abt 1909.

Their children:
Harold Ernest COOPER (July 29, 1912 - April 24, 1988) Ryde, IOW
Reginald Henry COOPER (December 10, 1915 - December 11, 1989) Toronto,
Ontario, Canada
Frederick William COOPER (December 11, 1920 - January 26, 1989)
Tasmania, Australia
Gladys Emily COOPER (May 19, 1924 - December 17, 1994 Ventnor
IOW?) married Kenneth John KNIGHT in Oct 1951.

I know that Dad's grandfather, Henry Alfred COOPER married twice and had
children to both wives.
He married his first wife, Emma HULL abt 1882:
Children Marriage #1:
Margaret "Maggie" COOPER abt 1883
Ellie COOPER abt 1885
Ernest Edward COOPER b. May 12, 1887

He re-married, Cassie (nee COOPER) abt 1891
Children Marriage #2:
Eva COOPER abt 1892
Reginald "Reg" COOPER abt 1895
Harold "Harry" COOPER abt 1897

My apologies if the letter was too long. Look forward to hearing from anyone
who may know someone or be descended from anyone named on my list.

Warmest regards,
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