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From: "Bob Hills" <>
Subject: [IoW] DOUDNEY & UPTON Yarmouth 1659
Date: Mon, 24 Sep 2012 11:48:37 +0100

If SKS is visiting Newport office could they possibly do a lookup check for
me please.

I am interested in the marriage of Nicholas DOUDNEY to Martha UPTON and the
birth of Nicholas at Yarmouth, the sketchy notes I have (extracted from the
transcript at Hants RO some time back) indicate the marriage was in
September and the birth June 1659, which would indicate Nicholas was not the
child of that Nicholas & Martha.
I would like to order copies (if they are the correct ones) and would
normally recheck in the transcript but unfortunately it appears to have gone
walkies from the RO (or drastically misplaced as I checked all the other
transcript boxes).
It could be that the transcript was wrong, my notes, or Jun wasn't Jun but
January i.e. 1659/60.

I hope somebody can help.


Bob Hills

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