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Subject: [ITA-SICILY-L] Bagheria, Palermo Province, Sicilia
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 1999 10:25:32 -0400

Bagheria, Palermo Province, Sicilia

Population 53,247
Postal Code 90011
Phone Code 091

Location: 15 km. from Palermo at an altitude of 78 m., in the eastern
zone of the Conca d'Oro, looking towards Monte Catalfano, with an area
of 29.7 sq. km.

Economy: citrus fruit

Bagheria developed around the villa built in 1658 by Giuseppe
Branciforte, Prince of Butera. In 1769 Salvatore Branciforte built the
intersecting Corso Butera and Corso Umberto I, the main thoroughfare of
the future town.

The villas of Bagheria are deservedly famous, as for example 'Villa
Butera', built by Giuseppe Branciforte di Butera in 1658. It is at the
top of Corso Butera. It has the stern air of a fortified building, once
underlined by towers that no longer exist. A new facade, on the
opposite side of the original one, was added by Salvatore Branciforte in
1769. Villa Cattolica [1736], also severe in appearance, houses the
Town Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, with paintings by various
artists, including Renato Guttuso, whose monumental tomb is situated in
the grounds of the Villa. Villa Valguarnera [1721] was designed by
Tommaso Maria Napoli; it has a double exedra at the front and a concave
facade, and is surrounded by a park. Villa Villarosa [18th century], the
work of the architect Venanzio Marvuglia, has a fine neoclassical
colonnade. And then there is the Villa Palagonia [1715], the work of
the architects Napoli and Daidone; it is known as the Villa dei Mostri
[Villa of the Monsters] because of the frightening sandstone statues of
people and animals that surround the building, as desired by Ferdinando
Gravina Alliata, who was given the villa by his uncle, the Prince of

Palazzo Inguaggiato [1770], in Corso Butera, built in the fine yellow
local stone, is also noteworthy.

Excerpted from: Sicily and Its Islands

Grace Lancieri Olivo
Editor, Comunes of Italy Newsletter
"Italian genealogy, culture and all things Italian"

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