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Thank you, Donna! Right now none of them match but, I might be able to one
of these days!( I am nothing if optimistic!) I am looking for Maria
Catanzaro who married Agostino Palmisano; and Francisco Cianciolo who
married Anna Matracea (Matricia?).

The Palmisano family were very good friends with the Cianciolo family. In
the second half of the 1800's, the Cianciolo family moved from Termini
Imerese to Palermo in hopes of better lives, better job, etc... In Palermo
they had their 7 children; Michael, Charles, Augustine, Angelina, Anna,
Mary, and Anthony. From Palermo they immigrated to the USA around 1890
through Ellis Island. At first they moved to Chicago but, Augustine, who was
my grandfather, being a somewhat sickly child , contracted pneumonia. The
doctor told them to move some place warm so they made their final move to
Memphis, TN.

All those years Anna Maracea (Matricia?) Cianciolo kept in contact with
the Palmisano's. When Augustine was old enough to date, Anna didn't care one
bit for the American girls with whom he was going out. Anna wrote her
long-time friends, the Palmisano's back in Termini and they contacted
Augustine and Pearl Teresa Palmisano in marriage. Anna herself traveled back
to Sicily to bring her future, proper Sicilian, daughter-in-law to the

Augustine and Pearl were wed in November of 1911.

Pearl, could hardly stand my grandfather. They were married almost two
years before my grandfather asked the local priest to remind her of her
wifely duties. I don't know if she ever really loved him but, they had 10
children together.


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