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From: "Travis Ivy" <>
Subject: Re: James Ivey
Date: Fri, 4 Mar 2005 14:51:57 -0600

I have some documentation of the tree from Wrenfrows and some I got off of Ancestry .com.
2. James Ivey b 1870 SC d 1829 AR, World Tree
+ Marion b 1770 TN, m 1790 TN (other wives but can't be sure who mothered whom), Source W T
3. Thomas C Ivy b 1840, d 1862 CW
3. Thomas Guess Ivey b Centerville, Hickman, TN 1807, d 1858 Mammoth Springs, Fulton AR, Source W T
+ Beedy Brown
+ SarahWilson
4. George Crittenden Ivey Sr b Sharp AR 1831, Res 1920 Mammoth Springs AR, d Source1880 Federal Census and Travis Wrenfrow
+ Nelly E Burrow
5. George Crittenden Ivy Jr, b Sharp AR abt 1865, d Sharp AR 1933
+ Nancy Leona Bland Source FC 1880, 1900,1910
6. Earl b Sharp AR abt 1916 Sharp AR, d Ozark Med Center West Plains AR, buried Foulton Co family Cem. Resided Mammoth Springs AR, Source 1920 FC and SSI
I was mistaken before, Travis Wrenfrow has records of Betsey, George, James, Thomas G, and Robert M. My big problem is that the Betsey is not the one that m William Peoples. Suspect that this Betsey and William People father of my gg grandmother. Still looking into that possibility. Travis
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From: Travis Ivy
To: Donny & Paula Jones
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Sent: Thursday, March 03, 2005 10:33 PM
Subject: Re: James Ivey

I just talked to Laverne Ivey Wrenfrow in Mammoth Springs AR. She referred me to her son, Travis Wrenfrow, in Thayer Mo. It was nice to talked to them because I made contact with Travis about 5 years ago. He gave me the following for his tree:
1. James Ivey Sr b abt 1752 m Mourning
2. James Ivey Jr b 1770
3. Thomas Guess Ivey b 1807 Centerville TN, d AR
4. George Crittenden Ivey Sr b 1831
5. George Crittenden Ivey Jr b 1865
6. Earl Ivey b 1916
7. Laverne Ivey b 1935
8. Travis Wrenfrow b 1956

The Sr and Jr's added by me. He called out I and II for the George Crittenden Ivey's. There is a possibility that one of Laverne's brothers will do dna. I think 4,5,and 6 lived and died in AR. So Paula, looks like your George will fit in here.
The Wrenfrows could give a little verification on Robert M, James and George. Also they named a Betsey Ivey, but she would be much younger than the Betsey on my posting from World Tree. They feel that the Driggers is correct for Mourning. Also apparently many others.
Will, I see what you mean. The Ivy/Ivey's sure liked their relatives, enough for cousins etc to marry. The Peel connection may be just like you imply. Travis

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From: Donny & Paula Jones
To: Travis Ivy
Sent: Thursday, March 03, 2005 9:39 PM
Subject: Re: James Ivey

Yes Travis I do too. I am trying to track down all census and etc I can on each of these people. I believe that it will show somehow that they are siblings.So you think Thomas Guess Ivey is the brother of George named Thomas ? I found a census for Thomas in Independence in about 1850 with children but no wife. Know anything about who that might have been?
No the man I know is descended from George Ivey is not willing to participate. And he will not let us know the names and any info on his sons.
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From: Travis Ivy
To: Donny & Paula Jones
Sent: Thursday, March 03, 2005 7:31 PM
Subject: Re: James Ivey

Paula, I think we are on to something here with George, Elizabeth, Thomas, and James. This will tie Travis Wrenfrow and his mother, Laverne Ivey in. I am sure Travis W would do dna, but I am afraid something has happened to him. I might try to call Laverne tonight and see. She lives an AR/MO line, and I contacted them or they me about 5 years. I will have to look at their tree too. Laverne descends from Thomas Guess, and I think they said James. Will let you know on that.
Is is the cost or just the test they are opposed to. Anyway, they have to be kin to some of my close relatives. I don't mean just about dna. Travis
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From: Donny & Paula Jones
To: Travis Ivy ; Ivey
Sent: Thursday, March 03, 2005 3:06 PM
Subject: Re: James Ivey

Travis, this is really interesting. I have that the possible siblings on my George are Elizabeth Ivey who married Enoch Estep,Thomas Ivey born about 1808 and James Ivey born about 1804. Now this is from deduction only and no sources.Will Johnson shared this with me and I am trying to get it documented. But who knows if I can.
God how I wish for a Ivey to DNA test. So far none of the males will participate. Just keep hoping!!!
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From: Travis Ivy
To: Ivey
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Sent: Thursday, March 03, 2005 1:48 PM
Subject: James Ivey

I have been researching World Tree, and have found some interesting info. It has been submitted by people and it is not documented. However, it seems plausible that it is correct.
James Ivey b 1752 SC, d 1820 SC
+ Mourning Driggers
James Ivey b 1770 SC, 1829 AR
+ 1 Marion b 1770 Tn, m 1790 TN
Apparently no children, only married short time
+ 2 Unknown b 1778 Tn m 1792
Betsey 1795 Maury Co TN, d 1870 TN
George 1798 SC
James 1804 KY, d 1870 TN
+ 1 Unknown b 1804 AR
+ 2 Mary Jasper Peel b 1814 KY, m 1830, d 1860 AR
Thomas Guess 1807 Centerville TN
Robert M 1810 Maury Co TN
+ 3 Susannah Hollis b 1800

This is a consolidation of several postings.

If this is correct then we have a tie to Thomas Guess. Also this is an entirely different twist on which James Ivey was Betsey Ivey's father. This makes her granddaughter of James and Mourning, however it does not show Lucinda in the picture, so maybe she was a Rowland after all. This James b 1804 KY could be the husband of Lucinda Rowland, but how does he get from KY to GA to marry Lucinda, and end up dying in AR. Also the census of children of James and Lucinda stating their father b in TN.
It is possible, and his father was a minister, so was he because he performed the ceremony for Betsey and William Peoples SR. Maybe James had his family with Lucinda, disappeared to AR. One problem with all this is that Betsey and William Peoples SR both d in LA after going there from MS. It maybe that her death in Tn is a mistake. If this is correct then Lucinda Peoples never existed. The big question, is who is the other James Ivey/Ivy in Maury Co TN at the same time as Betsey's father. I had at one time considered this to be Mourning's James. The answers are entangled here some how.
I know some of you will say show me the documentation, and I would like that, but the documentation hasn't gotten us the answers yet. I have tried to contact some of these people that have provided this info to World Tree by sending to their e-mails. Some of these postings are so old that e-mail has been changed etc. If these people dreamed this stuff up, they dreamed birthdates and states for spouses etc.
Eilene and Paula, I see slight input into World Tree by you. Paula this may provide your connection to Iveys. Also see James Doherty and Michael Walker with some input as questions. Regardless I am smoking this out one way or another. Travis, the crazy one in WacoTX. Note my new address of

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