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Subject: Re: [IVIE-L] more re: Benjamin IVEY
Date: Wed, 07 Jul 1999 22:50:47 -0400

Hi Lee and List. You are right on!!!!!! Here's what I have. George Ivy
and Elizabeth Langley were the parents of Adam A. Ivey. Adam A. was born
1686 and died about 1762 in Edgecomb C.. Adam A. was married to Mary abt.
1709. Their children were as follows and I have included some birth years
and 2 additional children. Benjamin Ivey, b. 1730; Francis Ivey; Adam
Ivey, Jr. 1761; Lewis Ivey, 1725; Elizabeth Ivey; Sarah Ivey, Mary Ivey,
1737; Martha Ivey, 1735, and George Ivey, 1727.

Benj. was born 1730, Edgecombe Co., N.C. and married Edith, Edey. No
children. He married 2nd, Sallie Kincheon and had the following children.
My dates on a couple of them differ from yours and I have added a couple of
nick names. Kinchen, 1784; Rebecca Ivey Kearns, 1786; Elizabeth Ivey
Nance, 1787; Priscilla Ivey Nance (Prisey), 1788; Sarah (Sallie is what I
have), Ivey Shankle, 1790; Susannah (Susan) Ivey Swaringen, 1796; Isaac
Ivey, (I have 1794); and Benjamin Ivey, 1800.

I don't think Benjamin ever resided in Randolph Co either. He was in
Edgecombe. There was however, another Benjamin born in 1729*** that was
from Randolph Co.. I think what has happened is that they were born 1 year
apart and people have just assumed they were one and the same. He is
erroneously listed in almost all accounts as the son of Adam A. Ivey. I
believe you are right. Learry L. Warren, Dunn, N.C..

At 08:51 PM 7/7/99 EDT, you wrote:
>[Learry, Thanks for all the great information] I don't know if I explained
>the Adam IVEY > Benjamin IVEY of Robeson Co. > Benjamin IVEY of Randolph Co.
>well, so I'll try to do so again, hopefully more clearly:
>According to an old family bible, in my grandmother's cousin's possession, I
>am descended from Benjamin IVEY (b 1759, NC d 1801, Randolph Co., NC) and
>Sarah "Sallie" KINCHE(O)N. Benjamin's birthday differs from most published
>resources about the IVEY family by nearly 30 years. I believe this is
>because Benjamin IVEY Jr. is often mistaken for his father, Benjamin IVEY
>(son of Adam A. IVEY). However, I need concrete proof that Benjamin IVEY of
>Randolph Co., NC was the son of Benjamin IVEY of Robeson Co., and therefore
>the *grandson* of Adam A. IVEY. Here is my purposed lineage:
>1) Adam A. IVEY (b VA d 1762, Edgecombe Co., NC)
> +Mary
> 2) Benjamin IVEY (b abt 1730, VA? d before 1790, Robeson Co., NC)
> +Edith (Edey)
> 3) Benjamin IVEY Jr. (b 1759 d 1801, Randolph Co., NC)
> +Sallie KINCHE(O)N
> 4) Kinchen IVEY (b 1784)
> 4) Rebecca IVEY (b 1786 d 1845)
> +Thomas KEARNS
> 4) Elizabeth IVEY (b 1787 d 1860)
> +Marshall NANCE
> 4) Priscilla IVEY (b 1790 d aft 1860)
> +Thomas NANCE
> 4) Sarah "Sally" IVEY (b 1794)
> 4) Susannah "Susan" IVEY (b 22 Aug 1796 d aft 1866)
> +William SWARINGEN
> 4) Isaac IVEY (b 1798)
> 4) Benjamin IVEY III (b 1800)
> 2) Francis IVEY
> 2) Adam IVEY Jr.
> 2) Lewis IVEY
> 2) Elizabeth IVEY
> 2) Sarah IVEY
> 2) Mary IVEY
>As you can see, this pedigree differs in that I believe Benjamin IVEY (son
>Adam A. IVEY) never resided in Randolph Co., NC. I believe Benjamin of
>Randolph Co., NC was actually the grandson of Adam A. IVEY-- not the
>inheritor of Adam's estate. Here are my reasons for believing this:
>Benjamin IVEY, who inherited his father's plantation in Edgecombe Co., NC
>born about 1730 and died before 1790. He was married to a woman named
>Edey "of Bladen Co." is listed as Benjamin's wife in Edgecombe & Bladen Co.
>records in 1773. In 1790, Edey is found widowed on the Robeson County
>census, head of household of 4 white females. Recorded in the same census
>are her brothers-in-law, Adam IVEY and Francis IVEY. In the Robeson Co.
>census of 1810, Edey is counted as a "free person of color" and the head of
>household of 5 "free persons of color".
>Benjamin IVEY of Randolph Co. is often listed as the son of Adam A. IVEY
>1730; however, my family records state he was born in 1759. Benjamin of
>Randolph Co. married 1st Celia FORREST (no children, she died within first
>year of marriage) 2nd Sallie KINCHEN. The son of Adam IVEY was clearly
>married to Edey, *not* Celia or Sallie. Also, the birth year of 1759 makes
>much more sense to me than a birth year of 1730. Benjamin of Randolph Co.'s
>first child was born in 1784 (the child of Sallie KINCHEN). If he was born
>in 1730, he would have been 54 when is first child was born... Benjamin
>have been 25 when his first child was born if Benjamin's year of birth was
>1759. The 1759 birth year makes much more sense. If Benjamin of Randolph
>Co. (b 1759) was the son of Benjamin of Robeson Co. (b 1730), Benjamin Sr.
>would have been 29 when Benjamin Jr. was born. I just need to find the link
>which proves Benjamin (of Robeson Co. b 1730 d before 1790) was the father
>Benjamin (of Randolph Co. b 1759 d 1801). Confusing, I know.
>After the death of Benjamin IVEY of Randolph Co., Sallie IVEY (nee KINCHEN)
>married Zedekiah LEBETTER. In 1804, Zedekiah bound out Sallie's minor
>children to Mr. Henry BRANSON of Fayetteville, NC. The children and terms
>the bond were as follows:
>1) Priscilla IVEY and negro child (2 years)
>2) Sally IVEY (4 years)
>3) Susannah IVEY (4 years)
>4) Isaac IVEY (5 years)
>5) Benjamin IVEY (3 years & 2 months)
>Mr. BRANSON's wife was a COX, and may have been a cousin of the deceased
>Benjamin IVEY. Mr. BRANSON's mother, a MAYNOR, was also somehow related to
>either Sallie IVEY (nee KINCHEN) or Zedekiah LEDBETTER. A long and nasty
>court battle ensued because the three oldest girls broke the bond by
>marrying. Conditions must have been bad for the girls because they all
>married between the ages of 12-14. Priscilla married Thomas NANCE, Sally
>married Levi SHANKLE, and Susannah married William SWARINGEN. Isaac and
>Benjamin completed the bond, and Benjamin later married Mary SHANKLE.
>I am descended from Susannah "Susan" IVEY (b 1796 d aft 1866) and William
>SWARINGEN. They settled in the part of Montgomery Co., NC which later
>Stanly Co., NC-- along the Pee Dee River.
>I see I've rambled quite a bit... sorry if I confused or bored anyone.
>Lee Canipe

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