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From: len evans <>
Subject: James A Ivie of Utah
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2001 18:15:27 -0700

Hi Everyone

I just got ahold of this biography of James A Ivie, of Scipio, and later
Salina, Utah, and found it very interesting. Since there is nothing else
going on on the list, I thought I'd share it, and see if there are any
other James A Ivie descendents out there. I'd love to compare notes. He
is my ggggrandfather by second wife Sarah West.

I hope this is not thought to be "off-subject". I'd really love to see
more FAMILY HISTORY on the list, even if it is not my line.

Ivie Family of Utah http://len.accessgenealogy.com

Written by James Oscar Ivie
Edited for the Ivie List by Len Evans

Part 1

The following brief sketch of James A. Ivie is submitted in
response to a request in the church section of the Deseret News of June
7, 1941, on page 8, item No. 83 and signed D.I.H.

James Alexander Ivie was born in Paris, Monroe County, Missouri,
on March 17, 1830. He was the third son and the fourth child of James
Russell Ivie and Eliza McKse Faucett.
James Russell was the son of John Anderson Ivie, and he in turn
the son of Anderson Ivie, who came from, or lived in Tennessee and North
Carolina. The first of the family known in America was Thomas lvey, who
is known to have been in America and living in Virginia in 1635. Many
branches of the family still use the original spelling. Tradition states
that a school teacher in Tennessee suggested the change to "Ivie."

One early incident in the life of James Alexander, better known
in this inter-mountain region within our family circle as "Uncle Jim",
was when Parley P. Pratt escaped from Liberty Jail in Missouri. Elder
Pratt had prayed that if any family should recognize him, that it would
be one who was friendly and trustworthy. Uncle Jim and my grandfather,
John Lehi, were playing out in front when Elder Pratt approached and they
immediately recognized him. He was taken into the house, fed, sheltered
and assisted at night by the father of the family to escape from the
state. Uncle Jim had a new homemade straw hat which he gave to Elder
Pratt, as the latter had arrived from the prison hatless.

The family subsequently moved to Nauvoo, Illinois and went through
the persecutions incidental to that periodthe father, James Russell,
being one of the bodyguards of the Prophet Joseph Smith. When the saints
were finally driven out of the state and made for the West the Ivie
family was among them. They were at Winter Quarters when a couple of the
older boys joined the Mormon Battalion. Jim and John, being in their
teens, were too young to enlist. But the family did not arrive in Utah
until 1848, crossing the plains a year after the first company.
They went down to Utah County where Uncle Jim married Elizabeth
Sophia Porter on November 14, 1849. The record shows that five children,
Lydia Ann, James William, John Alvin, Joseph Alma, and Mary Elizabeth
were born between then and November 3, 1857. Seven other children were
born to this union: Celestia Jane, Eliza, Charles Albert, Lilly Isadore,
Frank, Willis, and Alice.
Another family, through a second marriage to Sarah West, brought
forth Sarah, Henry, Jared Alexander, Mina, Laura, Amy Louise, Russell,
Belle, Samuel, and LaFelt. The records show that the first two were born
at Provo, the birth date of Sarah being February 7, 1858.

End of part one

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