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Subject: Re: [Ireland] Help re Ireland location
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2001 08:58:22 EDT

Mary at writes:

<< would someone please advise me where Tombery is in Ireland.. >>


The Tom- part doesn't look too bad, but the -bery looks suspicious. But,
since this is a problem with reading difficult script, and not a mis-hearing
of a name.........I went to the seanruad website and entered "Tom" and
specified only at the beginning of the word. To my eyes, the Tombay in
Wexford looks like a possibility - if there's some way you can make the
script "er" look like an "a". If you had a clue as to which part of the
country your gggf came from, it would help quite a bit.

Pete Schermerhorn, in the glorious Berkshire hills of western Massachusetts

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