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From: "Suzannah Foad" <>
Subject: [ISLE-OF-THANET] Haine Hospital
Date: Fri, 6 Oct 2006 13:02:22 +0100

On 4th Oct 1893, the Isle of Thanet Hospital board was formed in order to
discuss proposals for a suitable site for a new hospital.
It was felt that the Northwood Hospital for infection, opened in 1877, was
too small to fulfil needs of the Isle, especially as it was now a thriving
The site chosen was Haine, where the boundaries of Margate and Ramsgate
meet. This choice of site was not agreeable to everybody and caused what one
local newspaper called in 1900 'the battle of the sites'.
The argument finally resolved and Bertram Langham and George Osbourne were
appointed as the Hospital architects on 4th May 1898. W W Martin of Ramsgate
won the building contract with a tender of £49,545.

Haine Hospital was originally known as the Isle of Thanet Joint Isolation
Hospital and was opened 29th October 1900. The ceremony was attended by
local dignitaries including Councillor McFarlane, the Mayor of Margate who
arrived in a horse drawn carriage with an escort of mounted Police and
Alderman Hodgson, the Mayor of Ramsgate.

The Right Hon Member of Parliament, James Lowther, was presented with a
silver trowel to lay the foundation stone which was inscribed with the name
of the hospital, the opening date and the names of those present. In a
cavity beneath the stone there was placed a bottle containing a copy of a
national paper and one copy of each of the local papers.

The hospital consisted of self contained units for different infectious
diseases and a separate isolated building solely for small pox. There were
110 beds in the hospital to cater for patients infected with illnesses such
as chicken pox, diphtheria, mumps, polio, whooping cough, typhoid fever,
scarlet fever and may others.
The first smallpox patients arrived in March 1902. By the autumn of that
year, patients with other diseases were taken in.

The old Northwood hospital was burned to the ground in 1903 by the Ramsgate
Fire Brigade to stop any infection spreading from the buildings.

Haine hospital was run by the Isle of Thanet Joint Hospital Board until 5th
July 1948 when the newly formed NHS took over.
>From 1955, patients from Hill House Dermatological unit were transferred to
Haine and in 1961 the hospital began to take in geriatric patients.

Haine hospital closed in June 1997 and the site stood empty until demolition
work began in 2003. The Marks and Spencer Store was built on its site.

When Haine was being demolished, a security Guard called Geoff Eales was
capturing the progress of the development at Westwood and was going to write
a book about it. I have no idea if its in circulation yet.
He was inspired by the changing landscape so started to catalogue pictures
and newspapers clippings dating back to 1902. I met him once as my
Grandfather died in Haine Hospital in 1970 and I was interested in finding
out more.

With his wife, Geoff amassed a huge album of pictures after the hospital
missed out on being listed and permission for Westwood Cross came before its
The nurse quarters were beautiful but neglected over the years and fell into
disrepair. A £250,000 survey of the site by archaeologists turned up nothing
exciting despite 260 pits dug, but they did find the remains of the old
mortuary just below ground level.

A wall engraved with WW2 soldiers names and the foundation stone was going
to be incorporated into the shopping complex, I wonder if anyone has noted
this. Apparently the stone was missing its newspapers.
35 Bricks included rank and number and are thought to have been engraved
while the men were sitting in the 'sun trap' as they recovered from their
They could be Canadian soldiers, officers sometimes spent weeks at the
hospital recuperating from their injuries before returning to action or
going home.

Come to think of it, I am sure Local Historian Barrie Wootton wanted to
write a booklet about the hospital but again, have seen neither of these
books in circulation.


From: "Mike Langston" < >
Subject: [ISLE-OF-THANET] Haine Hospital
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2006 18:24:34 +0100
I was sent to Haine Isolation hospital during the 1960's. It made me wonder
if anyone knows the history of Haine Hospital. I believe I read it started
in 1897 and closed in 1985. It stayed shut and abandoned until it was
knocked down for Westwood Cross, is this correct?
Also was it always an isolation hospital?
Any ideas anyone

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