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Subject: Re: [ISLE-OF-THANET] minster workhouse
Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2006 14:43:43 +0100
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Yes it was a Hospital for the elderly who saw it as a place that they went
to die. It was called Hill House Hospital

It was a Hospital in the 60s and probably well before that and up to I think
the early 90s when it was demolished and a housing estate built on the site,

Yes it did carry a bit of a stigma and one of my relatives who was elderly
was moved there from the main hospital and actually died there.


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Minster Workhouse was known as the Thanet Union Workhouse, which is
confusing, as I think there might also be another Minster workhouse,
elsewhere in Kent.
Check out the following website, which has some interesting stuff
(including pictures) but is not yet complete:
Three out of my four Thanet Great Great Grandparents died in the Minster
(Thanet Union) Workhouse. I found this out from census returns and death
certificates. It was apparently a great shame to end up there, even for a
short period of time, and many were terrified of the prospect. Although I
have lots of family stories handed down, there was never any mention of the
workhouse, presumably because it was just not talked about. I can well
imagine your grandparents reaction, as they might well have been old enough
to be alive when it was still in operation. I think it ceased operating as
a workhouse in the early 1900's, but carried on as a hospital, and someone
once told me that up until recently, old people were terrified of being sent
there because of past associations. I believe that the buildings have now
been demolished to make way for houses.
Good luck in your search,

"A.D.Reynolds" <> wrote:
Can anyone help with Minster Workhouse records? I contacted Kent Archives
a while ago and there seemed then to be some confusion as to their exact

Louisa Sayer b.1858 gave birth to my grandmother Eliza Sarah there 21 August
1878 and married Frederick James Cox or Cocks on 20 October. I have assumed
he was the putative father but wonder if her admission notes might give

William H.Mirams' death was registered by the Workhouse Master 3 June 1906.
His H was recorded as Henry. My great grandfather was William Holloway
Mirams and he is the only W.H. I can find. Again, I have assumed they are
the same but would like to be more sure. The name is so unusual I am
surprised at the apparent error.

I once mentioned the Workhouse in complete innocence when staying with my
grandparents and the response was distinctly "shock horror".

Advice appreciated,

Tony Reynolds in Lincoln

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